Social media’s growing prominence in the marketing world is not something new and deserves the same time and resources as other advertising methods. Social media has proven time and time again that it is a platform worth investing in, but are people using the likes of Facebook and Twitter properly? Below are some tips on how to avoid simple mistakes that could have a negative impact on your brand’s social media pages.


1. Lack of Direction


The most common error made by companies is attempting to do anything and everything. This tends to result in a lack of focus and an underperforming performance across the board. Instead, focus on one or two platforms that either bring in the most customers or the ones you prefer to use. Once you begin mastering a couple platforms, you’re then free to expand to other platforms and begin the learning process again.


2. Spam


Whenever you’re sending a newsletter, sending updates, or advertising your services or products, NO ONE likes spam. This is a trap that is especially easy to fall into if you automate any aspect of your social media strategy. Social media values engagement in each post, meaning you’ll want to prioritize quality over quantity. This means that each time you post, you should be adding something unique to your page. Avoid tweeting or posting the same message more than once in hopes of garnering more engagement, as this will do the opposite. Consequently, you may find yourself losing more irritated customers instead.


3. Not Setting Goals


Success on social media looks different for each company. For many, the illusion is that the more likes and shares you receive, the more success you are going through. While this does mean you’re succeeding on the platform, does it also mean you’re converting these likes and shares into revenue? If not, is your goal to advertise your brand? Social media is a vast platform capable of many things, so long as you know what you want to do with it. If there is no goal in mind, it’s hard to tell if you’re doing it right. If you haven’t set specific social media goals for yourself, you can read our previous blog which talks about setting SMART goals for your social media.


4. Not Listening To Your Audience


A key part of every social media platform is the interactive capabilities it comes with. In fact, you can gain loyalty simply by liking, commenting, or even retweeting back to customers. These kinds of actions show that you care about your customer base and that you’re there to help. Although it may seem like nothing, a small contribution can go a long way.


5. Not Using Visuals


If there is one thing for certain, it’s that images can never hurt. Before posting or tweeting, adding a simple image can draw attention to your post and result in higher engagement. As long as they remain relevant, images only look to empower your message, not take away from them. At the end of the day, images are the icing on the cake, and should not go unnoticed. You can read more about finding and using stock photos for social media here.

Are you guilty of any of the faux pas above?