Creativity is essential to many successful companies and offers businesses diverse ideas that yield only the best results. Alternatively, creativity can also stunt growth within projects, and even obstruct any sort of progress. While most people consider creativity a positive trait, it should really be considered a double-edged sword in business.




Creativity can help cultivate an idea, but it can also kill it just as fast. For example, your initial idea may have lots of potential for a funded project, but as your continue to work on these ideas, they become more and more difficult to execute. It can be said then, that your proposition didn’t fail because of its lack of innovative ideas, but because it had too much of it. Remember, creativity opens doors but doesn’t work in a business unless it is both viable and logical. Instead of adding more and more to your proposal, figure out how to implement your idea into the business model. From there, you can continue to build on the idea until it ultimately reaches the market.

If we look at some classic examples of an overflowing creative failure, we can look towards the movie industry. Typically, we see several films based on games fail horrendously on multiple occasions. Film directors have the near-impossible task of condensing a vast world of fiction into a two-hour film with a clear story and an arsenal of characters. With so much information and so many ideas in the span of two hours, most movies fail to really capture anything at all. Instead, they show you glimpses of potential here and there but falter because of lack of execution. The ideas are there, but it lacks focus and direction essential to a movie.




Sometimes business ideas are plentiful and give your brand a nice kickstart. While this is beneficial, it can also lead to an unproductive workplace. It’s easy to make up ideas, but acting on them is a totally different story. The thing about talking about something over and over again is that it tends to get stale sooner or later. For example, if you constantly rave about your new favourite television show, you will tend to exhaust your interest in it, until you’re not even motivated to watch another episode anymore. The same happens when you talk about a “new” business idea. Eventually, that new idea will grow old, and you’ll lose motivation to work on it.

Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, begin working on the project and look for ways to efficiently brainstorm.