Social media efforts don’t always translate to a larger following or brand exposure, and there’s not always a large explanation for it. When something is going wrong, it’s never smart to leave it alone. If you or your brand is struggling to find success in your social media campaign efforts, there is most likely a logical reason for it. Here are some common mistakes brands make when it comes to social media advertising.

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1. Using the Wrong Platform


Sometimes the success difference between the success or failure of two campaigns with similar goals is the platform they are using. If we point to obvious reasons, a campaign running image intensive advertising will most likely thrive on Instagram but receive less attention on Twitter. Another reason to use one platform over another is your target audience. Are you targeting aspiring artists and photographers, or a group of young teenagers?


2. Ignoring the Data


No one should ever run a social media site without looking into their analytics. If you’re not looking at the data and are instead looking at comments or likes to evaluate your success, then you’re probably not squeezing out the most potential from your campaign. Even worse, you could be under the illusion that you’re doing well when in reality your performance is abysmal. If you need to start utilizing these tools, each respective social media platform has its own analytics tool that breaks down the data and crunches the numbers. Using this comprehensive program will help bolster your performance, so long as you adapt your plan based on the results.


3. Creating Boring Content


If you’re creating content no one really cares about, it’s going to be hard to attract any followers. If you want to cure yourself of boring, stagnant content, find a unique perspective and produce a new brand voice. If you need help creating a brand voice, look back at your brand values and principles, and establish your voice through them. The more you embody your values, the more authentic you will sound.


4. Focusing On The Goals


Social media is a great way to gain exposure and gather a following. It can do wonders for you and your brand, but it’s not the only marketing tool you should be using. If you overextend yourself on social media platforms because you’re seeing success, it might end up backfiring on you. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are great for engagement, but it doesn’t reach places you can with other marketing strategies.

Are you guilty of any of the above?