As mentioned many times before, social media platforms like Facebook have become the face of communication in the new generation, and provide businesses an avenue to advertise their products or services. Several businesses have already jumped on the hype train, with many of these companies drowned by the noise. While it’s worth investing on ads, it doesn’t always mean you are getting any real paying customers.

A Misconception

Many advertisers believe that an ad’s success on Facebook is directly impacted by a number of likes or shares a post or page receives. In some instances this is true, but there are many cases where it is not. For example, you may create a contest that has your customers share or like your page in order to win a prize. All these likes in your statistics may look like a spike in customers, but in reality, there is a possibility none of those people are even buying your services or products.


Remember, time is money and money is time. Obviously, you would ideally like to spend more time on your projects than advertise on Facebook, so investing the shortest amount of time with the most impact is ideal. The most effective way to do so is through videos, where your hard work can be replicated without you putting in more effort. Essentially, your video works for you so that you can begin projects for other business plans. It’s a smart and creative strategy that you create once and acts as the main offer your business is offering, which eventually leads to your higher end services.


Your product or service may be the next revolutionary thing, and none of that would matter if you fail to target the right audience. Who are you trying to sell to, and how are you pitching your business to these people? Both of these questions are essential in moving your business forward. Obviously, you have already thought of these things before you started your business. However, this is the perfect time to narrow it down to the details. If you are targeting young women, are these woman aged 18-30, or 25-35? Are you looking to target women who are single, married, or have kids? Can these women afford your service or product, and if they can will they be willing to spend the money for it? You may not have the sufficient data to answer these questions at the moment, and that’s okay. Businesses are a process, and it will improve as long as you are working at it.