Social media is a powerful tool, and businesses have found several interesting ways to harness its power and bring attention to their brand. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube are the most influential platforms, and while it is in no way necessary to be on all of them, you should be regularly active on at least one or two. For companies targeting millennials, these social media platforms are a must-have. For brands with an older customer base, it is a growing market with a nice flow of money.

No matter the business, here are 6 tactics you can use to engage a larger audience on any social media platform.


Ask Me Anything


Ask me anything, or AMA’s have become a popular outlet for your consumers to empathize and connect with you. It brings you and your fanbase closer together and creates a more friendly persona. If you or your brand do not need to connect with your client base, AMA’s could be useful to answer questions or suggestions your customers may have.


Partnering Up


This is quite self-explanatory, but teaming up with other brands is an awesome way to get your product out there, it also introduces a whole new user base to your product or service. Partnering up with brands that compliment yours will help ensure that their customer base will stay with you, as opposed to ignoring the relationship altogether.


How-To Videos


If you’re planning to launch a new service or product, tutorial videos are helpful in navigating people to the right places. If you plan to take this a step further, providing customers with previews in the form of short videos can also bolster interest and have people starting conversations with friends and family.  Remember, videos are just as good as text on the page.


Customer Spotlight


A customer spotlight gives you the ability to show your loyalty to your satisfied customer while persuading new people to try out your product or service. Like many of the other options explained above, it benefits all parties involved. As a bonus, it shows potential customers in companies or brands the quality of service you provide, and the measures you are willing to go to ensure their satisfaction.


Creating Unique Brand Series


Whether its Twitter, Facebook, or even Youtube, creating some kind of series helps with engagement. For example, a weekly video series on Youtube means that customers not only look into your newest service or product, they also begin incorporating your brand into their weekly lives through this series. Your series can become the bridge that connects you and your clients on a deeper level, and create a stronger sense of brand identity.


Host a Contest


Hosting contests is a great way to gain exposure and increase customer engagement. It sparks conversation as well as customer interaction with one another. For example, our ongoing Snap Spectacles Sweepstakes will be heavily publicized on social media and help drive engagement at a much faster pace, while delivering the value promised to the customer (in this case, free hosting). If you are using Twitter as a means to advertise your contest, creating a brand hashtag for your userbase could mean new viewership as well.

For more information on how the best type of contests, click here.

What are some ways your maximize your engagement on social media? Let us know in the comments below.