Whenever you are trying to attract new customers or produce more clicks on your website, there are more effective methods than drowning your clients with a slew of advertisements with no end in sight. Instead, we should be looking to use that advertising time efficiently. An effective method is email marketing. There are many ways to reach your audience through email, and this process can now be automated for free.

However, unlike most traditional forms of email marketing, we will be discussing how adding videos can be the one factor that could change your marketing landscape in the near future.

Here are several reasons why you should add video to onboarding emails.


Engaging Content


Video is often more intriguing than letters on a page, leaving customers with more to be desired. Compelling content helps your business connect and engage with customers like never before while also giving you the power to navigate them wherever you please. Video allows you to script it however you like without repercussions, and will always be repeated in the way you recorded it. After just one sitting, the video is doing the work for you with little to no extra resources expended.


Reaching The Right Audience


A majority of businesses are under the impression that videos are catered for Millennials, therefore making it an obsolete tactic when targeting adults or other business personnel. Contrary to the majority of thinking, even executives are watching about one or two videos per week. Aspiring business individuals are even more inclined to watch these videos. The unique thing about video marketing is that it can be embedded in your email, and can reach all types of people. If you’re looking to narrow down your list, that is also possible. You control who you send to, how you want to pitch to each of your unique audiences, whenever you want.


Increasing Your Conversions


Whenever you are advertising yourself, it is either to build a brand reputation or to bolster your site’s visits. As explained above, videos are inviting, which in turn generates more conversions back to your site. In fact, videos can improve your conversion rates by 80 percent if done correctly. If you don’t believe us, consider putting yourself in your customer’s shoes. When you open an email, would you rather read lines and lines of text, or receive your information both visually and aurally? Videos are easy to understand, even easier to look at, while also demonstrating professionally. It’s a powerful tool when used correctly.


Valuable Data


Even if your videos don’t have the impact you’d hope, they can still be valuable to your business and brand. For example, your newest video advertisement about a magic carpet may not have garnered the views you wanted, but with the data gathered from it, you can adjust your target audience or align your goals so that they fit with your customers. These days, social media platforms make it easy to access this data, going as far as offering businesses their own arsenal of tools to maximize potential. If all else fails, you can still use the data to create personal profiles for each of your clients.

Have you tried embracing video in onboarding emails, or do you know any companies that have?