Facebook offers several different features, one of them being the ‘Like’ feature. Facebook Likes are important because they help increase brand visibility, enhances audience relationships, and identify target audiences.


Here are 20 quick ways to get more likes on Facebook.


  1. Fill out the About section, and include any keywords that may be relevant to your business or brand.
  2. Begin with a variety of different posts like videos, contests, Facebook Live videos, or even just plain posts. Once you can establish what your audience likes, post more of it!
  3. Browse the news and post anything eye-opening that applies to your business or brand. Chances are your customers will share this news with your friends.
  4. Tagging or sharing content with another business logo may just result in that brand returning the favour.
  5. Create a schedule and stick to it. Make sure you are posting enough to stay relevant but not too much that you become annoying.
  6. Make your page about your brand. Instead of relying on outside sources, produce something original that can’t be found anywhere else.
  7. Every now and then, reward your followers with some form of contest that grows your page and shows your appreciation to those who brought you this far.
  8. Offer coupons or some form of discount when a customer likes your page.
  9. Post any blogs from your website onto your Facebook page, and invite discussion there.
  10. Invite your personal friends to like your page.
  11. Include your Facebook page details in your emails.
  12. Take time to humanize your brand; you are trying to connect as people, not brands or logos.
  13. Make sure your content is not just promotional. Your page should be more than an avenue for advertising.
  14. Look at other pages in your industry and see how they are gathering a following.
  15. Connect your Twitter and Instagram page to your Facebook page.
  16. Make sure your comments are turned on.
  17. Your Facebook page’s URL should include your business name or brand.
  18. Share cool videos with your fans.
  19. Focus on satisfying your community. Eventually, they will give back to you in some shape or form.
  20. Your content should be compatible with your audience. If you’re posting whatever you’d like and not paying attention to your customer base, you’re doing it wrong.

Did we miss any ways to get more Facebook likes? We’d love to hear them; let us know in the comments below!