The holiday season is fast approaching, and with Thanksgiving (if you have an American audience) and Christmas on the cusp, your business could see a dramatic rise in sales. But with every business owner looking to make the extra buck, it’s going to be difficult finding your way through all the noise. With ad after ad, customers don’t know where to look. Here’s how to make the most out of your sales pitch and cut through all the chaos, mayhem, and stress that comes with the holiday season.


Checking Your Email List


Your first step towards a successful holiday season is to revisit your previous and prospective customers. Send out a catalogue of your products, services, and sales. This way, any one on your existing mailing list will know exactly what you’re offering and to keep your products in mind when looking for gifts. The important thing is to send out your email before anyone else; a week or two before the holiday season begins will prevent blending in with the flood of emails your customers will be receiving in the weeks to come. Additionally, this gives your customers a reason to shop with you at a time where discounts run rampant giving you that extra momentum to edge out your competition. With emails the key is to be memorable.


Video Marketing


Instead of reading about your sales, what’s better than seeing it with your own eyes? Give your customers something easy to look at and even easier to access. Show off your new gadgets, or your services on offer in a visual way. Be sure to recommend deals that fit tight budgets, average budgets, and of course the prized extravagant one so you reach every type of buyer. If your business works with a certain demographic or age group, be sure to keep these in mind when you’re creating videos. For example, millennials would much rather see a creative piece rather than a sales pitch.


Trust in Social Media


If there was ever a time to jump onto social media, this would be it. Regardless of your target demographic, you’re likely to find them on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The key is finding the right one through trial and error. If you don’t already have a social media page, don’t fret; use this opportunity to promote your online presence. Include a card prompting purchasers to visit you on social media or to share their purchases with a particular hashtag. You can also put your social media links front and center on your website. This is also the time to show off your creative juices and try something new or bold on social media. Try posting a funny picture with a catchy caption. Add a quirky and catchy hashtag.


Social Media Hype


If you’re all out of creative ideas, or nothing crazy is really popping out to you as interesting content, go for the sales. Advertise some limited-time product or service that will blow other offers out of the water. Customers will tend to flock towards the scarce products before moving on to the more common sorts. If you post or tweet out some form of promotional content, make sure you’re online to answer any questions! Many brands think their social media efforts stop at posting, but that’s only half the job. Social media is an interactive platform that has allowed brands and companies to access their customers like never before, which makes the interaction a key determinant of success across social media platforms. If you’re only doing the first part, its the equivalent of leaving a conversation halfway.


Optimizing Your Website


Despite creative and effective marketing efforts, if your website is difficult to navigate, it will be hard to convince a prospective customer into making a purchase. If your website is slow, out of date, or just too confusing for people to navigate, chances are they’re taking their money elsewhere. There are several ways to prevent this. First, you’ll want to find a good hosting provider. Especially during the holiday seasons, where your site will most likely see a spike in traffic, you want your site to be up and running for the whole duration. If you haven’t already done so, optimizing your website for mobile is another way to keep your customers happy.


Plan For the Worst


Whenever you’re looking at sales on a larger scale, you need to consider all circumstances, including the worst case scenarios. If you’re ready for the most unfavourable situations, you’re likely to be able to solve the small things that may come across your path. An excellent way to help your customers out of sticky situations is to be more active on social media, or to make your customer service more accessible during busy hours. Additionally, looking at your current data will tell you how much traffic you can expect and where to pull or add resources.

How are you preparing for the holiday season of sales?