Technology is constantly evolving, and so should your business. Mobile devices and web tools have allowed us to connect, work, advance, and leverage our resources now better than ever before. Whether you’re looking for an app to help you write better, schedule social media posts in bulk, or manage a team, these apps will help you better yourself, save time, and give you peace of mind—and who doesn’t want that? Check out the top business apps below so you can tackle your next business challenge with ease.




  • Trello – Keep track of assignments and projects by looking at comments, checklists, due dates, and labels all in one central hub.
  • Google Keep – An app that compiles lists, notes, photos and even audio and stores them for future use. You can keep track of any reminders you may have for the day.
  • Evernote – Access a note pad wherever you are, and organize it so you can complete projects in time. A great tool from the brainstorming process to the end product.
  • Google Drive – Like many products from Google, Google Drive is a great tool to access word documents, power point presentations, and excel spreadsheets. You can keep everything in one place, and share them with anyone.
  • Dropbox – Creates an online hub of all your projects synced up to all devices you own. Perfect for big projects.
  • Asana – Assign tasks to individual members of your team to avoid mixup, track their current progress, and see what’s finished and what needs to be done.
  • OmniFocus – Shows users which and when assignments are due. You can review both pending and completed tasks.
  • Unroll Me – Have all of your emails “rolled” up into one large email with options to leave certain subscriptions off the list. You can also unsubscribe from anything whenever you’d like.
  • Remember The Milk– Compile lists for yourself, and access them anywhere. If you need to, share the list with others on the app so you can work together efficiently.
  • Todoist – Get more done with this app that organizes your tasks for the day. You’ll get more done and feel better checking things off the list.




  • Rescue Time – Provides an elaborate set of data that tracks how much time you’ve spent on applications during the day so that you can create the perfect work/life balance.
  • FocusBooster– A personalized time management app that tells you how you’ve spent your time, and what you need to do next. Explore the possibilities of work/life balance.
  • Pomodoro Time– Track how long you’re working for, when you take breaks and what you’re spending all your time in. You can also track your day-to-day progress on existing projects.
  • Upwork – Hire freelancers that get the job done and can tackle fields you struggle in. Simply find the best candidate and begin your project.
  • Fiverr – Affordable freelance services on demand help you tackle projects quicker.




  • Canva – An easy-to-use graphic design tool for beginners.
  • TouchRetouch – Remove unwanted things in your pictures with this mobile app. Quick fixes with an easy interface.
  • Adobe Premiere Clip – Turns any of your videos on Android and iPhone and transforms them into high-quality content.
  • Quik – Create amazing videos and edit them on the fly. The perfect app for GoPro users.
  • Clips – An app that can share videos with silly texts, effects, and graphics. Great for sharing with friends.




  • Hootsuite – Handle all of your social media platforms in one place, and use analytics to make the most out of your resources. Great for enterprises.
  • Buffer – Schedule your social media posts, analyze your performance, and fully manage your media platforms in one app. Great for entrepreneurs.
  • Sprout Social – Sprout Social is a powerful platform to keep up with your different social media channels. It’s perfect for small businesses, larger companies, or enterprises.
  • Flickr – Upload and use professional photos taken by advanced photographers.
  • BuzzSumo – See what topics are trending on several platforms. You can even find influencers to promote your content.




  • Grammarly – Going beyond what Microsoft Word or Google Docs will do, this app finds more sophisticated grammar mistakes people make, and ensures you sound as professional as possible.
  • Word Stream – While you’re pumping out quality content for your users, Word Stream is taking care of the SEO side with an AdWords grader. It sends you alerts every time a change occurs in the search engine algorithm, and how that may affect your campaign efforts.
  • Mind Node – This online brainstorming tool allows you to branch out your thinking in any direction, making sure everything is legible and ready to go at the end of your brainstorming sessions.
  • Hemingway – An easy-to-use app that highlights words and makes your writing clear.




  • Slack – Dedicate specific channels for different facets of your business all in one instant messaging platform.
  • Skype – Skype remains one of the best video conferencing applications you’ll find on the market. Perfect for meetings any time, any place.
  • Basecamp – Gives employees from different departments the ability to share files and discuss projects effortlessly.




  • Gusto – Takes care of your company’s payroll, benefits, and tax processes.
  • InDenero – Syncs financial information with banks and credit cards and creates a comprehensive chart to show you how you’re spending.
  • Quickbooks – Gives you a good idea of how your business is doing.
  • Freshbooks – Allows you to create customized invoices for your clients and organize business reports.
  • Expensify – Keep track of your business expenses and how you are using your money by taking a picture of receipts or inputting them manually.
  • Mint – Stay on top of your bills with one app. An easy way to keep your budget organized.




  • Skillcrush – Learn to code so you can maximize your career options.
  • Creative Live– Take classes in the arts, photos, and videos, and pursue your career.
  • Lynda – Paired with LinkedIn, this new app allows you to take software development, design, and business classes.




  • Proven – For organizing a list of potential applicants and posting job offers on multiple job boards with the click of a button.
  • Narro – Turns your lists into podcasts, making it easier to remember for people who prefer audio reminders.
  • Noisli – Create artificial noises to help you focus better and boost performance in your workplace.

There are so many apps to choose from these days. Try out some of the apps in the list above and find which work best for your business.  Striking a balance between having enough apps to keep your business running efficiently and not overwhelming yourself with too many app downloads is the key to success.

Are we missing any top business apps? What app can you not live without?