Canadian Web Hosting is proud to support organizations doing good in our community. Newest to the Canadian Web Hosting Sponsorship family is Adopt Korean Rescue (AKR). By providing a web hosting platform for AKR’s website, we are able to connect dogs in South Korea with their forever homes in Canada. 

Adopt Korean Rescue 

Adopt Korean Rescue (AKR) is a federally registered, volunteer-based, non-profit organization. AKR’s mission is to help homeless and unwanted dogs from South Korea find their forever loving home in Canada.  

Adopting A Dog

AKR’s dogs are rescued from different situations in South Korea. Their volunteers work directly with the dogs to get them ready for their new home. When a dog is ready, their foster or guardian will send AKR all of their personality details and photos, which is then shared on AKR’s website, Facebook and Instagram for potential adopters to see. 

Applicants should carefully review the profile of the dog(s) they are interested in adopting to determine if it’s the right fit. If they can’t find a specific dog, they can still apply and AKR will do their best to match them with a compatible dog. AKR always ensures the dog is a great fit for their family – the dog’s wellbeing is their top priority! 

When the applicant is ready, they can fill in the application form on AKR’s website. A volunteer will be in touch with them to continue the following steps: an interview and a house tour. Full details of the process, including adoption fees, can be found here:  

Safety First 

AKR’s dogs are spayed/neutered and microchipped, and all their vaccinations are up to date. Moreover, their adoption fee includes a GPS tracker with a 1-year subscription so adopters can track their dogs in case of an accident. Some situations could cause a dog to flee just on a regular morning walk while they get to bond with their new family. By using an active GPS tracker, adopters can find their dog easier, quicker and more reliably should the situation arise. 

Fostering Saves Lives

Foster homes are key to the success of any rescue. Without foster homes, AKR cannot keep saving dogs. Many of AKR’s dogs have never experienced a loving home and may need to be reassured that it exists. AKR’s fosters help dogs open up and adjust to their new environment. Once they’re ready for adoption, they’ll be listed on AKR’s website to find their forever home. People interested in helping AKR and wish to foster a dog can submit their application to:  

Flight Volunteers

AKR’s dog rescue work depends on our flight volunteers. A flight volunteer is someone who is travelling from South Korea to Canada and helps bring the dogs to their forever family safely. AKR is always looking for volunteers who are taking direct flights from Incheon International Airport (ICN) to Vancouver (YVR) or Toronto (YYZ) airports. They can apply directly at  

Airport Ambassadors

An airport ambassador helps greet the dogs once they land in Canada. They will meet with the adopters ~30 minutes prior to the flight’s arrival and wait together until the dogs and their families meet. They will also take some pictures to document the moment for life. Anyone interested in being a friendly face at the airport for AKR can apply directly at:

Success Stories

AKR loves sharing and celebrating the love adopters give their dogs. View the heart-warming success stories on AKR’s social media profiles and website. 

Instagram: @adoptedkoreanrescue  




As a non-profit, AKR rely on people’s generosity to continue to support rescue dogs. Any amount you can donate will make a difference in the lives of the rescue dogs! Donations are directly used towards dog food, dog gear (leashes/collars/etc.), cargo crates, etc. Donations can be made directly to:

Canadian Web Hosting Community

If you are interested in learning more about AKR’s mission or are curious about adopting a dog, visit their website at Canadian Web Hosting is proud to sponsor Canadian organizations doing good. The full list of organizations we support can be found here