Content is king. You may have heard that phrase from marketers online. The concept is simple, creating content is the best way to grow your business. Valuable content will keep your audience coming back. In a world where content is so important, creating new and fresh content can be challenging. This is where repurposing old content can be extremely beneficial. Repurposing old content is the idea of taking old content and making it new.  

Repurposing content can help you get the most out of it. There is more to repurposing content than copy and pasting your blog post to social media. The two channels of communication are very different from each other and thus need some tweaking to be effective.

What are The Benefits of Repurposing Old Content?

Grow Your Online Presence

The first and obvious benefit of repurposing content is growing your online presence. Repurposing content allows for you to publish more and therefore reach a larger audience. An added bonus is time management as you can make more content out of one topic.

Boost Your SEO

You can also boost your SEO by repurposing old content. If you are trying to rank for a keyword, have multiple pieces of content aimed at that keyword. Not only will more pieces focused on specific keywords help you rank higher, but it also gives you a chance to link each piece of content back to each other and build more links overall.

Reach a New Audience

You are able to reach a new audience when you repurpose old content. Your target market is not all on one platform, you can share your content to different social media platforms to improve your reach. An audience who reads your blog post may have time to read in depth articles, but your followers on Facebook or Twitter don’t. By creating content for different channels, you unlock a new reach for your target market.

Free Promotion

When you create new content, you are typically driving people from one medium to another. In such instances you are promoting your content for free using your existing communication channels. You may see an increase in traffic to your old content by repurposing it.

What Content Should You Repurpose?

The best approach to repurposing content is to find which pieces are high in quality and relevance. By picking out these pieces, whether they are blog posts or social media posts, you ensure that the content being recreated is valuable to your audience. Another metric to use for choosing pieces is traffic. Content with higher amounts of traffic can be a good indication of what your target market is looking for. Finally, doing some keyword research will tell you additional information people are looking for making it easy to pick out topics on those keywords.

Practical Tips on Repurposing Old Content

Transform Blogs into Social Media Posts

One of the easiest ways to repurpose old content is to break down content into social media bites. By adjusting your content to fit the style of different social media platforms, you reach many of the benefits we listed above. You can transform blog posts into Twitter threads and Facebook posts. Just be sure to make the posts are digestible for each social media platform.

Transform Blog Posts into Research Papers

If there is a blog post that is interesting you can dive deeper into it to learn more about that topic. By approaching the blog post with an academic scope, you are able to create a research report that can provide more value to your audience. Use statistics to add credibility and emphasize your points.

Design Infographics from Blogs

Blog posts can be a key part of repurposing content. Another way to repurpose content is to make infographics out of blog posts. This tip would work great with statistics and data that your audience would share.

Create Video and Audio Content

You can also repurpose content by producing audio and video content. Turning each blog post into a podcast episode can be an effective way to reach your audience. Producing different forms of content such as video and audio allows you to share more details regarding specific topics. Moreover, audio and video content is also easier for people to follow along.

Convert Blog Posts into a PDF or eBook

Though the purpose of a blog post is the same as if it were in a PDF or eBook, it does offer the audience a downloadable tool for them to reference. This can lead to returning traffic in the future as the audience will see you as a credible source of information. It is also an easy way to repurpose content because most of the content is already written. Though you want eBook to be thorough and filled with details, it is generally an easy to way to take an old blog post and repurpose it.


That is how one can repurpose content to keep old and new audiences engaged. It is an effective way to get the most out of your content. Repurposing old content can be done in different ways. Finding the right content is key to creating high traffic content. If you are looking for more marketing tips, check out our blog by clicking here.