These days, more and more people prefer to shop online. Shopping in person at a brick-and-mortar store means: putting on pants, having to leave your toasty home, avoiding crowds, and standing in lines. 

Online shopping is beneficial to business owners as well because: your overall overhead cost is lower, you can display a variety of products, and your store is virtually open 24/7.

Now that you have a website and have learned how to increase web traffic, how do you increase sales in your online store? Lucky for you, this post will cover six ways to boost your profits:

  1. Display fresh customer reviews.
  2. Review your shipping and return options.
  3. Run a contest.
  4. Display reputable badges.
  5. Start a referral program.
  6. Create retargeted ads.


1. Display fresh customer reviews.

Reviews are extremely impactful in making or breaking a customer’s decision to buy something. Just think of when you’re shopping online yourself on a website like Amazon or eBay. No one likes to go near a product with a negative score, or zero reviews.

Encourage customers to leave reviews in business listings such as Google My Business and your company Facebook page, and ask your customers for permission to display their review on your website.


2. Review your shipping and return policies.

There’s nothing worse than going through the steps to purchase a product online, only to find out the shipping will cost more than the item itself, or the item is final sale. Make sure your shipping and return policies are clear from the get-go to avoid disgruntling customers with the ol’ bait-and-switch.

A common place to display shipping and return policies is the footer or at the top of your website.

Better yet, add more shipping benefits to make your customers happy:

  • Free shipping
  • Same-day or two-day delivery
  • In-store pickup
  • Free returns
  • In-store returns


3. Run a contest.

Social media contests are a great way to boost your brand’s visibility, especially around a celebration like your company’s anniversary or the holidays. Create a contest that will drive participants to your website to read the contest terms, enter a submission, and then return to see if they have won. All of the traffic this contest generates is equal to potential sales!


4. Display reputable badges.

Including trust seals on your website builds customer confidence. Trust badges are symbols that show that your website is secure and that it only partners with credible industry experts, which is very important with cyber attacks on the rise.

Cautious online shoppers are more likely to purchase from a company that displays trust badges, so adding them can increase your conversion rate.


5. Start a referral program.

Referral programs show your current customers that you appreciate their loyalty and help spread the word about your business to new customers. Double-sided referral programs work well because they reward your customer who successfully referred their friend to your product, as well as the friend themself. Everybody wins!


6. Create retargeted ads.

Have you ever checked out a product on a website, abandoned the site, and found that item followed you around the web in the form of ads that whispered “buy me”? That’s a retargeted ad. Retargeted ads are a way to have consumers re-engage with your website and finish their purchase.

Retargeted ads can be set up through Facebook using a Pixel, as well as through Google Ads.


Increase sales in your online store.

Increasing sales in your online store is an ongoing process, like any digital marketing effort. Put aside time to complete the six above tips and soon enough you will have an online store that consumers will gladly check out and shop at.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash