Managing your business website is crucial in attracting customers; it’s the first impression that may determine whether or not they will use your services. The more professional and user friendly you website is, the more likely a customer will buy from you.

8 Steps to Legitimizing Your Business

There are several ways to legitimize your business.

Add Trust Badges
Trust badges are an effective way to say “Hey, other companies trust us, you should too!” Being verified by a more popular, universal brand can also help, as more customers will know about them and trust them.

Add Recommendations
Social proof of recommendation and satisfaction is important. People like to play it safe, and what’s safer than following a happy customer?

Although this may be blatantly obvious, a flood of ads is a huge turn off for many people. An ad or two is more than enough, anymore is pushing it.

Set the Tone
Using appropriate images as well as choosing your choice of language is crucial in setting the tone for your business website. For example, if your website is targeting kids, images should be bright and fun. Your text should be less informal to adapt to your audience. However, a business providing for an older population should try for darker colored images, and take a more formal and serious approach.

Update Content Regularly
It’s best to stick to a fixed schedule so your readers know when new content hits your website. Whether that’s daily, weekly or monthly, always stick to your schedule and notify your fan base if this schedule changes (if possible).

Give Updates As Needed
If your business changes a policy, or has undergone a change, it’s important to make sure your customers are on top of it. Send an email, or post a notification on the front page where it’s impossible to miss.

Avoid Small Errors
Customers expect perfection, and your webpage should be nothing short of flawless. Even one spelling error or broken image could significantly diminish your credibility.

Be Active on Social Media
These days, the media is and will continue to be a large hub for people to discuss, comment and share their interests. Having a Facebook page means people can like, share and comment on your posts, giving your business a platform for free advertising.