A brilliant About page can be the difference between a customer purchasing your product or service or going to a competitor’s website instead.

An About page adds depth to your company and shows the user that it’s human. It gives a potential customer something to connect with when learning about your company. Just like you wouldn’t go out on a date with a complete stranger, a potential customer needs to get to know your company first. 

About pages are often neglected because they’re daunting to write. It’s like writing your own personal bio. You want to present yourself in the best light as possible, equal parts whimsical, relatable, and professional and it can be a lot of pressure.

Have no fear though, let’s look at 8 simple ways we can make your About page more alluring.


1. Your mission statement.

Every company should have a mission statement. If your company is Young Link and your product or service is a sword and shield, what is your mission? Perhaps you want to rescue customers from something that is fearful or tedious or perhaps you have a way to make their lives more fulfilling or interesting. While your product or service is what you sell, your mission statement includes the goals and values of your organization. 

It answers the question, “why do you do what you do?” or with less do-do’s: “why does your company exist?” Hint: it has nothing to do with revenue. Your mission statement is a place to show off your company’s passion and what drives your employees to spread the word about your product or service every day.

Life is Good does an awesome job with their mission statement, plus it’s short and sweet.


About page

Make sure your mission statement is optimistic.


2. Your story.

Every company has a story. Your story is your company’s history, whether it be long or short, and how it came to be. This is a place to include important details like employees or customers who influenced the company’s direction. Keep the story clear and concise and include photos to make it more interesting. A great way to show off a company’s story is through a slideshow or infographic.

Moz does a great job presenting their company’s story with text and images, whilst keeping it short and sweet.


About page

A balance of text and images makes information easier to digest.

3. Your team.

Your team is made up of the hard-working employees that share your company’s vision and values. Without them, there would be no company. Make sure to highlight as many workers as possible and include their name, title, and perhaps a few words about them. Adding your team to your About page makes it more relatable and shows that your company is human, and not run by robots and automated messages. Including casual or goofy headshots of your employees is a fun way to showcase your work family. 

Kickstarter showcases all 116 of its employees successfully. They also have a fun way of categorizing their workers, from”dancers” to “hackers” to “D&D players.”


4. Your reviews.

Does your company have any rave reviews or elated endorsements from individual customers, companies or industry experts? Showing that your brand is liked and trusted goes a long way with potential customers who are just getting to know youDisplaying positive reviews also shows that your company favours the quality of customer experiences over quantity of total customers.

PlaceSpeak organizes its About page using a lot of the above elements mentioned thus. It includes customer testimonials after introducing its mission statement. PlaceSpeak is a location-based civic engagement platform and by adding positives reviews from other organizations, it bolsters its reputation.


5. Your badges.

Including trust seals on your About page builds customer confidence. Trust badges are symbols that show that your website is secure and that it only partners with credible industry experts, which is very important with cyber attacks on the rise. Cautious online shoppers are more likely to purchase from a company that displays trust badges, so adding them can even increase your conversion rate. Along with adding trust badges to your website, check out 7 other simple steps you can take to legitimize your business


About page

Different trust badges you can include. Image: MonetizePros6. 

6. Your written content.

The written content is arguably the most important element on an About page as it puts all of the above into words. With that being said, don’t be afraid to have fun and drop the sales talk used on your other pages. Infuse some personality into your content as you tell your company’s tale and introduce your tribe. 

Just like all content, it should be clear and concise. A few strong, well-written sentences are more effective than paragraphs upon paragraphs of snooze-worthy industry jargon.

The MailChimp About page is a stellar example of well-written content. Their tone is confident, human, and laidback as they share their company story.


7. Your visual content.

Be sure to break up text with whitespace and visual content. Visual content is easier to digest and engage with. It also makes information more memorable. Try adding photos, graphics, short videos, or sketches and watch your page come to life. 

Salemontown Board Co. tells their company story through video you can’t miss at the top, tons of images, and just a sprinkle of written content.


About page

Use content that reflects your brand.


8. Your contact information.

After the user has read through your inspiring mission statement and riveting history, gotten to know your team, and admired your positive reviews and badges of trust, it’s time to give them an option to contact you. Make sure your contact information is easy-to-find and up-to-date. Include a phone number, email address, and an embedded map to easily locate your headquarters. Being unable to contact your company or locate it physically in the world can be alienating for a customer.


Your turn!

As we all know, a company’s About page can make or break them. If a customer doesn’t find content to connect and engage with, what’s to stop them from visiting a competitor’s website instead? It’s time to make your About section shine, sparkle, and dazzle. Include the above 8 elements and you’ll be well on the way of having a brilliant company About page. As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask us below!