WordPress is an exceptional tool for blogs, sites, and small businesses and it has become a staple in the website management market for almost a decade. In the past year, WordPress has amassed such a large user base that it sees 175 million page views every month. The web management tool has become a home to many websites, no matter the size. However, much like a home, your website can be vulnerable to external threats. To combat this, WordPress has given users the agency to pick plugins similar to alarm systems for houses. Below, we will highlight some of the top WordPress security plugins currently available.





Wordfence is by far the most popular security plugin to date, boasting over 2 million downloads as of 2018. The plugin allows you to see live traffic updates and even hack attempts on your website. Wordfence also blocks any malicious attacks on your website, making it dependable even when you’re not looking. If that wasn’t enough, it also has two-factor authentication. If you’re unfamiliar with security plugins, Wordfence is definitely the way to go.


Sucuri Security



Although Sucuri Security doesn’t have the numbers Wordfence does, its features make it a solid alternative. Sucuri keeps an activity log that is monitored at all times, making it hard for hackers to wipe your data. Once you’ve created your website, it automatically creates a status report which starts with the baseline “Known Good.” If at any point the status changes, you may have a problem on your hands and can run diagnostics to investigate.

The malware scan is as powerful as any in the current market, as it’s run by the powerful scanning engine SiteCheck. Sucuri is one of the most solid security plugins, and some even consider it a must-have if your site is on WordPress.


iThemes Security



With iThemes Security, protection against brute force attacks is the number one priority. While many security plugins on this list will offer protection, iThemes takes it to the next level. The security plugin bans any users who have attacked any site at all. It automatically reports IP addresses with failed login attempts and blocks them from accessing your site further. Its other features include scanning and fixing problems in a matter of seconds, as well as handling any troublesome bots or hosts.

iThemes also offers a premium version which includes features like reCAPTCHA implementation and file change detection. While the free version is more than enough for most users, the premium version is for those who need a more reinforced wall.


All in One WP Security & Firewall



Staying true to its name, All in One WP Security & Firewall is a comprehensive security plugin that offers everything in a single package. It also has a grading system, which evaluates how protected your site is. Along with showing you how vulnerable your site may be, it also prevents most common website attacks from bringing your site down. One of its signature characteristics is the level of sophistication of its firewall; you’re able to customize it based on basic, intermediate, and advanced templates.





SecuPress was created back in 2016 and has since begun to rise in popularity. One of its core components is the simplistic user interface that places an emphasis on brute force attacks, blocked IPs, and a firewall. The premium version includes extra protection measures, two-factor authentication, and PHP malware scans. However, the free version is more than sufficient. If you’re looking for a plugin that offers paid features for free, this is the one.

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Photo by Tran Mau Tri Tam on Unsplash