When operating an online business of any kind, hosting is one of the most important parts of its success. If it weren’t for hosting, there would be no real way to actually access your website. While choosing the appropriate WordPress host can be a confusing albeit daunting task, it is absolutely paramount to the success of your online business. With a plethora of hosts, packages, and hosting environments to choose from you should make sure before making a definitive decision that the host is going to meet all your needs.

You want to find a web host that is reliable above all else. It is this reliability that can effectively boost your business. Speed and security are also highly coveted traits you will definitely want to secure in a host. Finding a host that encompasses all of these traits as well as the ability to grow as your business does, is not necessarily an easy task.

There are two types of hosting methods you will find among many common sites. These are labeled Shared Hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting. Today I will discuss with you these different hosting options as well as which one is going to work best with your online business.


Shared Hosting vs. Managed WordPress Hosting


Shared and Managed WordPress hosting are the two most common you will find when searching for a host. Generally speaking, they will also be some of the more affordable options. However, with such a low price point you are most certainly going to run into a few setbacks and undesirable restrictions. Let us take a deeper look into Managed WordPress Hosting.


Managed WordPress Hosting


This method of hosting is preferable to those website owners who run their sites directly on WordPress. The people that run these sites are often looking for the most efficient, highest performing host possible. This specific hosting style is perfect to help the business owner to get the most bang for their buck from their WordPress site. While both styles have their own individual benefits, managed hosting is typically dubbed the superior option between the two. It boasts high speeds and can effectively reduce page loading times. This provides a much better experience for your customers.


Shared WordPress Hosting


When you throw your site up on a shared hosting type plan, it is not unique to servicing just your site. Instead, shared hosting is exactly how it sounds, offering hosting services to you as well as for hundreds of other sites simultaneously. Therefore, your site is only using a slice of the server space. While shared hosting is often the cheapest option, it might not be always be the best option for your growing business. While it is an effective method in getting your website live, there are quite a few risks that accompany shared hosting. One of the biggest issues is when a “bad neighbor” site starts to eat into your resources. Also, every aspect of hosting like bandwidth, storage, memory, and processing power are all shared between hundreds and even thousands of sites. If you are a total beginner with a rather low budget, shared hosting might be perfect for you. Otherwise, I strongly recommend taking the managed WordPress host route.


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