There are thousands of blogs written each day, resulting in many of these posts to go unread. Instead of listing advice, we decided to study successful bloggers in their fields in order to give you raw and authentic results.  Below are 5 successful bloggers with much to offer:

Ree Drummond

Drummond’s blog site boasts more than 22 million page viewers, and writes topics regarding cooking, home schooling, home gardening, and entertainment. What separates her blogs from others is her authenticity; her blog topics are not only unique, they carry experiences that interest the reader. By connecting to the reader, Drummond is able to create content that her viewers can only find on her site.

Michelle Malkin

From politics to education, Michelle Malkin delves into current events with her own unique spin. Along with her TV series Michelle Malkin Investigates, she also uses her blogging site to discuss compelling topics such as the rise of a fake news star, among other less-spoken topics. Malkin’s strength lies within her riveting topics, rather than Drummond’s authentic voice and experience.

Jenn Herman

With the rising popularity of social media, there come prominent social media gurus who share their knowledge of tricks and tips to the community. With each blog post, Herman is able to deliver quality information on how to better your online branding, as well as maximize the efficiency of each blog post. Again, we see a different type of blogger use her strengths to create a successful blogging site. Instead of discussion, Herman instead delves deep into information and analysis, while also making it easy and simple to comprehend.

Viveka von Rosen

Yet another addition to this unique list of bloggers, Viveka is most well known for her aptitude to market showcasing devices, as well as aiding companies grow their brand. What makes her content so appealing is her ability to not only talk about the use value of products, but also talks about the implications of them. When discussing how to brand a business, Viveka balances the way in which to do it, paired with what it means for your business if you successfully incorporate these strategies into your business. In the world of LinkedIn, she is essentially one of the best experts in the field. With her expert opinion and solid reputation, Viveka does not just provide expert advice, but the best advice in the field.

Penelope Trunk

Penelope tops off the list with her comprehensive blog posts about self-improvement. While she does embody characteristics that Drummond’s blog uses, Trunk focuses her content on the audience. In fact, a majority of her blog posts discuss how the audience can improve themselves. By helping people through her guides, the audience may find themselves establishing a connection with Trunk that leads to more clicks and more subscriptions to her blog.


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