Have you ever heard of crowdfunding a show? This is exactly what’s going to happen with the new 14-episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000. This cult classic TV show from the 1990s just couldn’t go quietly into the TV history, could it? Joel Hodgson announced that he’s in an agreement with Netflix about this series revival. It’s really hard to believe that you can do something like this with the help of Kickstarter. For those who backed up the project via Kickstarter (Kickstarters), the show recently hosted a “Red Carpet” event that featured the pilot episode.

Kickstarter was a huge success with more than $6.3 million to be invested in the first 14 episodes. The unquestionable popularity of the show almost 16 years after it was canceled shows just how much promise it holds. Furthermore, the show is looking to maintain its authenticity with Bill Corbett, Kevin Murphy, and Mary Jo Pehl joining the fray as guests or contributing writers.  Along with them, Patton Oswalt and Felicia Day appear as the two lunatic scientists. The list of guest stars is going to be equally impressive, with the likes of Jerry Seinfeld, Jack Black, Mark Hamill, Joel McHale, and many others. Let’s not forget a well-known comedian to be the new host for the show – Jonah Ray.

Joel Hodgson made a strong promise that the crew will do their very best to keep the homemade feel we used to love so much about the original show. Some of the performers and writers from the original show, including Bill Corbett, Kevin Murphy, and Mary Jo Pehl are expected to return as both in guest appearances or as contributing writers.

So, we got ourselves two new crazy scientists in Patton Oswalt and Felicia Day, including Jonah Ray as a comedian and helpless schmuck who will have to spend some time in the legendary Satellite of Love. Can the MST3K formula still work almost 20 years later? A story about two crazy scientists who sent a clumsy worker accompanied with an equally funny robot into outer space may seem like a huge production gamble from the today’s perspective. To find some equally lucrative deals, find us here!

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