Perhaps one of the most substantial changes in the past month is Facebook’s addition of “percentage completion,” one of the many features that determine which videos show up on your news feed, along with friends and family connected to you on the social media platform. Without question, it is another expectation that must be satisfied in order for a video to go viral.

Previously, Facebook looked at:

  • Whether people watched video in full screen
  • Whether people watched with sound on
  • Amount of shares, comments and reactions or likes

Although this may not affect a large amount of content producers, the introduction of percentage completion rewards long videos with high engagement ratings, while slightly setting back videos of a shorter duration. However, Facebook has emphasized that this is geared towards benefiting those who take their time to produce long content, instead of punishing those who have shorter videos. In fact, it is always recommended that video length should always be proportionate to the amount of time it takes to tell your story. For those who interact with video ads, there’s nothing to worry about. The change targets organic ads and will have no impact on the way advertisements work.