Your content is what your customers see first. It’s what engages them and keeps them wanting to come back for more.   

Content creation is the best inbound marketing practice. When you create content, you’re allowing your audience to consume free, useful information that can attract more leads to your website. Creating engaging content can provide something that a banner ad can’t, it allows your audience to feel like you’re not outright selling them. 

Know your Audience 

Online presence on social media is one of the most crucial parts of your business. It gives you an opportunity to connect to your customers and grow your audience through posts and customer engagement. Another benefit social media provides is the ability to understand your audiences’ interests as well. 

For instance, you can share a particular thing that you, as a company, like or support and the people following your page will engage if they have similar interests, thus increasing traffic to your account. By measuring your social media posts to dissect which posts performed and why certain didn’t, you continue to build and better understand your audience.  

When your audience starts to show interest in your posts in the form of comments under valuable content or ask ambiguous questions in your direct messages, this is your chance to seize the opportunity. Responding in a timely manner is the first step in keeping your potential customer engaged and build trust. Customers love when you provide outstanding service before and after their purchase; make sure you spend time learning how to provide this service to them! 

Diversify your Content 

You have to remember that there are thousands of other people creating content like yours. Nobody wants to see the same thing over and over. One of the simplest ways to create engaging content is to avoid sticking to one method of communication. This means if you’re creating text based content, consider using images, infographics, links or even quotes. Diversify your content and you will also be able to see which method performs the best with your audience.  

Provide Useful Content 

As a brand that wants to increase engagement, you need to create content that is valuable to your viewers. Readers want to be entertained, but they also want to be well informed and educated about your product. If you can establish yourself as a resource for information and insights, that will help your customers fulfill their needs. Providing useful and valuable content will help your followers coming back. 

When a customer visits your website or social media page, they should be able to see content that’s worth their time or is in line with their interests. General information that is common knowledge won’t be helpful for any visitor and the chances of them revisiting won’t be high. 

Share your Experiences 

The best way to connect to your ideal customers is to share stories to make your brand feel authentic and real. Instead of feeling like a company with its own agenda, connecting with people can make your brand feel like you’re there to help. This will leave a positive impact on customers and make them follow you on all social media platforms. 

Your content could have perfect flow, be well written, or have no grammatical errors, however, without some kind of emotional attachment, it’s just another essay, post or ad. 

Always think about how the customer is feeling at the time. If there’s a current event happening that they could be affected by trying to assure them that they aren’t alone, maybe there’s a verdict or opinion that people could connect with. Perhaps people don’t agree with your opinion and share a counterpoint on your post, this still allows you to engage with them and create conversation. 

You need to tap into all topics that could be useful to your audience to increase traffic to your website or accounts. You should be interacting with them by answering questions or asking them questions. If you aren’t giving them something to talk about, you can’t really expect people to be engaged.  

Wrapping Up 

Content creation is difficult, with so many people posting the market can feel saturated. However, persistence and the use of these tips can boost your post traffic. Making sure you post every day is key, but making regular checks on overall response to your posts is equally important.  

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