Have you ever wondered who you’re talking to on live chat, over the phone, or through email when contacting the Canadian Web Hosting team about a sales question? It’s likely you’re speaking with Josselyn Rodriguez, our Vancouver Customer Experience Manager! You can often find her in the bottom right-hand corner of our website (via live chat) delivering awesome customer experiences whilst eating the best snacks in the office—which she’s always willing to share. She’s also responsible for making our office as green as can be: she’s always on the lookout to make sure everyone is properly recycling, while adorning every worker’s desks with plants. Want to get on her good side? Find out more about her below!




Josselyn Rodriguez


When did you join the CWH team?


May 2016


What brought you to CWH?


I was an Information Technology student at the time and CWH was offering a co-op opportunity. I had two friends already working with the company and they told me about the work culture and I immediately knew I had to apply. I already had customer service experience and I love tech so it felt meant to be!


What was your first impression of CWH?


After two weeks of training, I finally got to sit at my own desk and interact with not only my co-workers—who come from so many different cultural backgrounds—but also with customers from Canada and all over the world! I loved what a cultural experience it was, as I love meeting new people and learning new things.


Who was your favourite superhero growing up? Why?


Does Britney Spears count? She made it through 2007 and so have I ever since haha. Seriously though, I loved The Powerpuff Girls. Three girls with amazing powers, strong personalities, fighting crime. I always identified with Blossom since she was the leader of the group and I too like to take a step back and analyze a situation before doing anything impulsive.



What did you want to be when you grew up?


An archaeologist. I’ve always loved doing detective work and the thought of discovering a dinosaur just makes my heart race.


What is one thing you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t yet?


Go on a Safari trip. Seeing wild animals minding their own business. I want to see some elephants!



What’s one thing you want everyone to know about you?


I’m a feminist and Nordic indie music speaks to my heart.



What is your favourite website? Why?


I don’t think I’ve found the perfect website yet. There are some websites out there that get close to my ideal website, like Apple’s website, but even that website has its issues (in my opinion).


What book are you currently reading?


“Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days” by Chris Guillebeau. I’m trying to set up my own side hustle where I get to spread my love for and knowledge of plants. Website coming soon!


What is the nerdiest thing about you?


Everything. I am a naturally passionate person and once I like something, I like it “hardcore” haha. The current nerdiest things about me: I’m obsessing over true crime (like “The Confession Tapes” on Netflix) and Japanese snacks (there are too many good ones). I’m also always nerding out over succulents and DIY projects.


What is one unusual or interesting thing about you?


I come from a tropical country —”Impressive El Salvador— and I hate summer with a passion. The other three seasons are neat though! Especially here in Vancouver.



What is your favourite thing about being part of the CWH team?


I get to interact with different people every day. I also get to share my snacks with everyone and enjoy a good laugh. I never dread coming to work!


Just another day at the office.


What is your favourite thing about working in the tech and web hosting industry?


Everything! It comes with its hardships, especially being a woman in tech, but I also get to see things from a different perspective than the average user. Technology changes every day and I always have fun learning about what’s happening in the tech world.


What is the most interesting thing that has happened to you since working at CWH?


I changed my way of thinking, especially regarding websites. Before working at CWH, I was obsessed with web development but had no idea about everything that goes on in the background of a website and all of the things you have to consider if you want to create one. Also, I get to go visit our data centres. Last time I went, I got to make some CAT6 cables! 


Check out this bad boy.


What is your favourite thing about being a Customer Experience Manager?


I like getting to work with our different departments (like our data centre technicians, cloud engineers, and marketing team) and most of all, I love creating exceptional customer experiences. Being able to help our customers makes me happy.