With everyone putting out great content these days, how can we promote our links effectively?

Here are some strategies that have worked for us:


Promote with Paid Tweets.


There are services that allow promotion of specific tweets for a set fee (e.g. PaidPerTweet) and connects your tweet with users who can retweet the content. Another way is go through Twitter’s Promoted Ads service. All you have to do is set a budget, choose your audience, and watch as your tweet reach more people through promotion.


Use Facebook.


If you have a large group of followers on your personal Facebook or business page, promote your link there. Ask your friends to help you repost them too. Or, use paid Facebook Ads and check out these resources too:


Add Social Media Optimization (SMO) buttons.


Share buttons to Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Reddit, Google Plus, etc. makes your linked content really easy to share. The Digg Digg plug-in is great for WordPress sites and AddThis.com is good for non-Wordpress ones. Add these buttons to the top of the posts, or even better, make it a floating toolbar that moves as the reader scrolls.


Use Stumbleupon.


StumbleUpon drives millions of clicks a day, but you need to have a strong profile for a link to gain traction. So consider buying stumbles through their Ads platform. With a pay-as-you-go option, it can be a cost-effective way to promote your links.


Use Reddit.


This ones our favourite – Reddit is simply the front page of the Internet and fall just under Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest their daily traffic amount. Reddit communities or topics are divided into subreddits and there are currently over 8000 of these groups. It’s a great space to build traffic for your company.


Submit your links to social news sites.


These are sites that exist off of bait-worthy links. Popular ones are BuzzFeed, Digg and Reddit. You can make a list of these link bait sites by Google-ing “related:www.yoursite.com” to put together a list of targets.


Use Outbrain.


It’s essentially a self-serve paid platform where you can submit content that would be demographically targeted by over 300 media partners, including big ones like ESPN or New York Times.


Post your links in LinkedIn and Google+.


Find people and connect with as many as you can for maximum outreach.


And finally, monitor your links.


Use tools like Google Alerts to monitor your results and get the credit you deserve. There are tools like TinEye that help you reverse search for sites that took your content without providing a link-back.

Take these tips and jumpstart your link baiting now! Do you have any tips for increasing linkbacks that you want to share?