Facebook’s Battle Against Fake News

In light of its battle against fake news, Facebook is looking for impactful ways to reduce low-quality content on user’s news feeds. In the coming months, Facebook is rolling out with a new algorithm, one that can identify and eliminate what it considers a “misleading, sensational, and spammy” post. These pages may also contain “disruptive, shocking or malicious ads”, which Facebook also considers when identifying clickbait titles.

The New Solution

While Facebook’s website already has a policy in place to combat clickbait pages, this new approach has less to do with discouraging advertisers from producing poor-quality ads, and more to do with erasing these pages before they reach Facebook users to begin with. To do so, the social media giant claims it has reviewed hundreds of thousands of web links connected to Facebook and collected data in order to better determine which pages are actually low quality, and which pages were caught up in the crossfire.

The Future is AI

Facebook is also incorporating artificial intelligence into its solution and says that their AI will be responsible for monitoring future posts with the same characteristics. This introduction to a new algorithm as well as artificial intelligence not only shows the desperation Facebook is going through to halt fake news but also how far technology has come in the past decade. Facebook will be joining elite companies by introducing artificial intelligence to their product, while other media titans such as Microsoft have already begun to take advantage of their advanced technology.