Happy birthday to us! We’re turning 20 years old this year, and in honour of this milestone, we decided to introduce some new members to the family. Meet the new Canadian Web Hosting mascots: Scout & Nova!

canadian web hosting mascots


Scout represents the web hosting side of Canadian Web Hosting. They believe anyone can create a great website. They’re always eager to give a helping hand, and they love to learn new things. You can build the website of your dreams with Canadian Web Hosting, and Scout is your helpful guide.

  • Representative of Canadian Web Hosting
  • Species: North American Beaver
  • Personality traits: Always eager to help (and learn), curious, can-do attitude, friendly, chipper, makes web hosting easy

canadian web hosting mascots


Nova represents the cloud hosting side of Canadian Web Hosting. Nova may appear shy, but all you need to do is ask them about the cloud and they will open up. Nova is always calm and cool; they know the cloud like the back of their paw. If you’re ready to move over to cloud hosting, Nova will help you feel at ease.

  • Representative of our sister company, Canadian Cloud Hosting
  • Species: Polar Bear
  • Personality traits: Calm, collected, introverted but very knowledgeable, will open up if you ask them about the cloud


canadian web hosting mascots

Scout & Nova were created with a desire to connect with our community more personally. They bring a smile to our faces, and we hope they brighten your days too. Whether you’re creating your first WordPress site, upgrading to a Virtual Private Server, or scaling up with a private cloud, just know that Scout & Nova are here to support you every step of the way.

We’re excited to take Scout & Nova on our Canadian adventures! Look out for them on our website, social media, and at conferences.

What do you think of our new mascots? 😀