As people all over the world strive to adapt to these unprecedented times, it seemed like everything came to a halt in the business world. Businesses were closed, people were out of jobs and companies struggled to find a new way of operating their businesses. As the coronavirus crisis has been evolving, there are some businesses ready to get back to work. While self-isolation has been the most important step in stopping the spread of the virus, Canada has started to reopen cities.

Many businesses in the food industry have been slowly reopening. Some restaurants keep their doors shut to customers, but deliver food to maintain steady business, allowing delivery services to flourish. Some grocery stores have adapted by limiting the amount of customers and requiring a mask to shop in the store. As for the work schedules, businesses have been reducing work hours to allow for deep-cleaning and have installed plastic windows at cashiers to reduce the amount of face-to face contact. 

While there are businesses that require a physical presence to operate, online businesses have shifted to either working remotely or have implemented safety regulations to operate in offices. On top of this, they are limiting the amount of people and implementing social distancing guidelines. 

How Canadian Web Hosting is Dealing With the Crisis

At the start of the pandemic, Canadian Web Hosting transitioned to working remotely to keep our employees and families safe. However, as cities have started to reopen, we are carefully going back to life in the office. That being said, there has been careful planning on how to properly go back while reducing risk of compromising the health of our employees. 

We have implemented public health guidelines, which include checking body temperature and using disinfectant wipes and hand-sanitizer in all of our offices and data centres. We have also spaced desks apart so we can follow social distancing guidelines. As we closely monitor our employees’ health, we encourage any staff member who is feeling unwell or suspect they have been exposed to the virus to stay home and self-quarantine for 14 days, and follow the instructions of their health care providers. Although we’re far from overcoming this crisis, we believe that with all of our precautions that are put in place, recovering from this pandemic is only a matter of time.

How Canadian Web Hosting Can Help You

Some businesses aren’t ready to reopen their stores or offices, but Canadian Web Hosting offers services that can help you transition to working remotely. From shared hosting to dedicated servers, we have a product for every online need. With our easy to use Weebly plugin, dragging and dropping images and text has made making a website easier.

Worried about digital security breaches? We have that covered with our security plans, firewalls, malware scanning and our 24/7 customer service to ensure your site runs flawlessly. While this pandemic may have caused setbacks to businesses, creating a website allows you to showcase your products online and connect with customers without physical contact. If you’re interested in any services we might offer, visit or contact us at

We pride ourselves in premium customer care and we are grateful that you allow us to be part of your daily operations. In these challenging times, our top priority is to ensure that services are still running 24/7 without affecting service quality and reliability. You can continue to reach out to our teams through phone, email and chat.

At Canadian Web Hosting, we sincerely hope that you, your families and your colleagues all stay safe.