This October 8th is Thanksgiving Day in Canada. Thanksgiving Day is, above all, a day to give thanks for all our blessings; the people that brighten up our days, our health, the roofs over our heads, and the businesses and technology that make our lives easier.

Check out the 8 things we’re grateful for this year.


1. WordPress + WooCommerce

You already know that WordPress is one of the world’s most popular Content Management Systems, powering almost 30% of websites on the Internet. WordPress is open-source, free, and easy to use. It makes web hosting and creating a website infinitely easier.

Even better, if you can handle WordPress, you can handle WooCommerce, the world’s most popular eCommerce platform.

This means that you can create a website or online store in less time than a Thanksgiving dinner!


2. Secure Communications

We’re grateful for our new Secure Communications offering to protect our customer’s sensitive data and communications. Secure Communications lets you send private electronic messages and documents through a secure communications platform powered by Evizone. Its view-on-demand architecture means only one copy of each message or document exists on a central server so users never take possession of the data. If your device gets lost or hacked, there is nothing to find.

We’re all for security and anything that makes meeting the new GDPR regulations easier.


3. Real Time Monitoring

Real Time Monitoring offers peace of mind to server owners who can’t physically monitor their servers around the clock. Our enterprise-level monitoring tool provides thousands of metrics, allowing you to react quickly to anything out of the ordinary and to resolve problems right when they arise.


4. The Cloud

Ah, the cloud. Fluffy, nebulous, with a slight taste of marshmallow…just kidding. The cloud refers to a group of physical servers locked securely in a climate-controlled room. This cluster of servers is what we call “the cloud.” Not only is the cloud affordable, flexible, and manageable, but it’s also more environmentally-friendly and will protect your data in case of a disaster or security breach. Whether you know it or not, we’re all using the cloud these days. Now let’s go find some turkey-shaped clouds…


5. 24/7 Support

We’re extra grateful for our support team that allows us to provide customer support around the clock. Website issue stressing you out or got a burning question? From a website migration to a cloud set up and everything in between, our support team is happy to help, no matter the time.


6. Vancouver HQ

Did you know Canadian Web Hosting is headquartered in Vancouver, BC? Being located downtown definitely has its perks: mountain and ocean views, art installations, and close proximity to conferences and events. 


7. Plants

If you follow our journey on social media, you’ll know we have a small (read: big) thing for plants. Plants not only purify the air, which is great when you’re living in a city, but they boost work productivity and just make you happier overall (don’t argue with our science). We’re all plant fans in the office and are proud to have our desks adorned with them. We’re also grateful to live in a city that is as green as it is ethnically diverse.


8. You!

Most importantly we are thankful for you, our dear customers! We wouldn’t have celebrated our 20th-anniversary last month or be 18,000 customers strong.

Our customers inspire us on a daily basis, from the small business website for a small forestry museum, to the internal system for a university, to the blog dedicated to mathematics, the feats our customers accomplish are endless and we’re proud to be a part of them.

Happy Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for this season?

Photo by Pro Church Media on Unsplash