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Improve your business with a better digital infrastructure

With an increase in online business trends, a company’s digital infrastructure should be beneficial to your business and not interfering with its growth. A strong framework is therefore essential to a business’ performance.

Learn the qualities of a good digital infrastructure:

1. Have options.
Your employees should have multiple ways of accessing business applications. With a soaring number of portable electronics being used, employees should have the ability to access their work applications on their phones, tablets, laptops, etc. This increases the rate of communication internally and with customers.

2. Have multi-media applications.
Business applications should be able to handle any type of communication, not just text-based. Think of videos, voice, and other data that could be easily passed between employees and with other businesses and clients.

3. Allow for collaboration.
Increase productivity by using applications that allow for collaboration in real time. Employees that can view and edit projects together save time and get better results.

Understand your current digital infrastructure:

1. Know what your current infrastructure can and cannot do.
Do you know what components you have and whether are necessary?

2. Employees need to know how to use it.
Your employees should have a clear understanding of how to use your digital infrastructure.

3. Think about your physical limitations.
The digital infrastructure needs to be able to handle the environment it is in, such as extreme weather conditions. And when problems arise and employees can’t physically get to work, they need to be able to access your digital infrastructure remotely. Customers also need to be able to get in touch for support.

How to improve your digital infrastructure:

1. Ask your employees and customers.
Find out what they think is missing. Employees and clients are the ones using your infrastructure and providing business.

2. Modify applications and come up with your own if necessary.
Find what’s right for your company and tweak it to make it perfect.

3. Virtualize it.
Use business applications that are accessible outside of your office. Store these systems on a remote server. Virtualizing also helps save you money by lowering support cost.

4. Be up to date.
Consult IT professionals and stay on top of your game. Don’t be spending money and time on developing applications that are soon out of date.


 Sheila W.



Canadian Web Hosting and AURO attends OpenStack SV 2014

AURO's Regional Sales Director Chloe Tottem with CEO and Founder of Cloudscaling Randy Bias

OpenStack is a free and open-source software cloud computing platform that began as a joint project between NASA and Rackspace. It is currently managed by OpenStack Foundation and more than 200 companies have joined the project, including AMD, Cisco, Dell, IBM, Intel, Mirantis, Oracle, VMware, and Yahoo!.

In April this year, OpenStack Foundation launched its ninth milestone release – Icehouse. Its focus is on testing and stability, as well as compatibility with third-party hardware and software configurations. It now supports 16 international languages. Icehouse’s core element, “Trove”, was promoted alongside other new programs that will be providing users with more options to plug into their cloud. These include OpenStack Bare Metal (Ironic), OpenStack Messaging (Marconi), and OpenStack Data Processing (Sahara).

Canadian Web Hosting and AURO attended OpenStack Silicon Valley 2014 on Tuesday, September 16th. It featured influentials from the OpenStack community, including the likes of CEO and Founder of Cloudscaling Randy Bias, Executive Director of the OpenStack Foundation Jonathan Bryce, and Senior Technical Director at Mirantis Greg Elkinbard. It has been a big year for OpenStack, with new releases intending to make cloud services more user-friendly and simple to implement. Companies are also working on the OpenStack backend for compatibility with other cloud services.

Founded in 2014, AURO, a Canadian Web Hosting company, is powered by OpenStack and is Canada’s only Enterprise-grade Public Cloud service. It was created for users that could benefit from a highly scalable and agile environment for hosting needs. One single dashboard allows customers to create, control, and deploy cloud infrastructures and keep their data within Canada. It has the ability to rapidly provision and achieve repeatable results. Paired with a high level of security and easy integration with new technologies, AURO helps enterprises, businesses, ISPs, developers, and Telco’s to cost-effectively manage a multitude of web sites and applications in Canada’s first enterprise public cloud.


Sheila W.



Canadian Web Hosting Joins OpenStack Foundation and Sets Date for Launch of Public Cloud Build on OpenStack Software

Canadian Web Hosting - OpenStack Foundation-Sponsor

Canadian Web Host and Cloud Hosting provider Canadian Web Hosting has announced its commitment to support the development of OpenStack, an open source cloud computing platform, and has announced that it has joined the OpenStack Foundation as corporate sponsor.

Canadian Web Hosting has been integrating OpenStack into its existing Canadian Cloud Hosting infrastructure at for several months now and will be expanding its available cloud hosting service models this summer to companies and their development teams looking to benefit from OpenStacks high-performance cloud environment without the typical vendor lock in associated with cloud services. Canadian Web Hosting's cloud services will deliver repeatability, usability and massive scalability to its users combined with the corporate governance and SSAE 16 certification.   With the promise of OpenStack, and its open standards for both public and private clouds, companies in and outside of Canada will benefit from the new open source cloud computing platform that delivers easy to use infrastructure-as-a-service, while benefiting from Canada’s robust privacy and security regulations to protect their data.

“As a company, the OpenStack Foundation provides a platform that gives us the ability to continue supporting the open source community that has been a big part of our company since 1998.  More importantly, we will be doing something a bit different by not only offering our corporate support behind the platform but also reaching out to our customers and working with them to join our efforts in increasing the footprint of Canadian Web Hosting within the community and supporting several of the interrelated projects within the platform.  It’s a unique proposition and we are excited to be working with our customer’s hand-in-hand to bring these cutting edge technologies to Canada,” said Matt McKinney, Director at Canadian Web Hosting.

Back in March of 2013, Canadian Web Hosting expanded its Canadian Cloud Hosting services to include multiple cloud server locations across Canada including Vancouver, BC and Toronto, ON.  “The purpose behind our cloud services was always to give customers an easy-to-use, highly reliable cloud hosting environment that enables companies to meet their corporate governance requirements,” said Matt McKinney.   For customers interested in a cloud built on OpenStack software, they can get more information on their website at or by emailing

Information on OpenStack can be found on:

About Canadian Web Hosting

Since 1998, Canadian Web Hosting has been providing on-demand hosting solutions that include Shared hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers, and IT as a Service for Canadian companies of all sizes. Through the use of innovative technologies and experienced support personnel, they continually focus on helping each customer by offering configurable solutions that are tailored to their exacting business requirements. Canadian Web Hosting maintains a SSAE16 Type II certification and guarantees 100% network availability, and a total money back guarantee. Customers can get help by calling 1-888-821-7888 to get basic support. For more information, follow them on Twitter at @cawebhosting and


Canadian Web Hosting Prepares OpenStack Cloud Release

This blog article is the first of several introducing the Openstack Cloud Software platform and it’s capabilities for customers looking for an enterprise grade cloud platform.  In the months ahead Canadian Web Hosting will be releasing an updated CA Cloud powered by OpenStack. With this, our customers will have immediate access to a repeatable, reliable and massively scalable cloud service where customers can create, or move existing cloud workloads (including AWS) without vendor lock in.  More importantly, customers have the ability for the first time to fully maintain control of where and how their data is stored and benefit from Canada’s rigorous security and privacy regulations.  Once deployed the CA Cloud will deliver the first OpenStack Cloud platform that is 100% Canadian-owned and –operated.


So, what is OpenStack? At a high level, it is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform built entirely of Open Source technologies.  Listed below, are some high level descriptions of some of the key components within OpenStack as well as some of the tools and technologies that are supposed.


Canadian Web Hosting recently attended the OpenStack Summit in Portland, Oregon where the OpenStack community introduced its seventh major release of the cloud software named “Grizzly.”  This new release added enhanced the software and brought almost 230 new features to the various aspects of the platform, including changes to the core OpenStack Compute (also known as Nova) components where support was added for managing distributed clusters as "Cells" and a new "NoDB" architecture that significantly reduces reliance on any type of centralized database.   Because many companies and enterprises are using “proprietary technologies, OpenStack deftly added support for technologies ESX, KVM, Xen and Hyper-V hypervisors, which Canadian Web Hosting is offering and supporting our customers today.   This will greatly increase the adoption rate and make it easier for enterprises and service providers like Canadian Web Hosting to remove vendor lock in and add services based on need rather than a specific technology.  You also have new functionality for almost instant bare metal provisioning of nodes, protocols for shared storage, and hot add/remove support for network devices.  So, let’s look at some of the specific features within the OpenStack Cloud platform.


There are two different types of storage available within OpenStack – Object Storage and Block Storage.  With “Swift,” the Object Storage component of OpenStack now let’s us apply a specific quota to control the expansion of object storage and lets us streamline operations by performing bulk operations over large/many clusters.   To achieve this, cross-origin resource sharing has been added to allow browsers to directly connect to resources in the storage cloud and improve the scalability of web applications which use the object storage as a content resource. Alternatively to Swift, “Cinder” or Block Storage technology, has acquired an intelligent scheduler to manage storage allocation based on workload and has added drivers for backend storage including Cep/RBDh, EMC, HP, IBM, NetApp, and even Red Hat's Gluster.


On the networking side, “Quantum” has seen its significant enhancements and has increased supported technologies grow from technologies like Open vSwitch, Cisco UCS/Nexus, Linux Bridge, Nicira, Ryu OpenFlow and NEC OpenFlow to now also include Big Switch, Hyper-V, Brocade and Midonet.  Improvements in scalability have been achieved by utilizing a more dynamic approach to sacal and distributing L3, L4 and DHCP across multiple servers.  One of my favorites is the addition of a new framework and API for Load Balancing as a Service (LBaaS), which has been included to allow further development on this theme.   There has been some significant growth in networking and you now have many of the leading networking companies building code and looking to implement enhancements including within Software Defined Networking (SDN).


Within the "Horizon" dashboard, there is increased flexibility and customers will see better multilingual support with many subtle user improvements.  You also have features like networking and the above mentioned Load Balancing as a Service features, now surfaced on the cloud.   With any cloud service focused on the enterprise, authentication and security will continue to be a top priority.  “Keystone” OpenStacks Identity technology has adopted a new token format, which has improved performance and no longer requires tokens to be authenticated online only.  There are also been significant improvements multi-tenant support for groups, impersonation, role-based access, and more delegation capabilities so administrators have greater control over their services and users.


Over the weeks ahead, we will continue to dive into the technology and provide back ground on Canadian Web Hosting’s deployment of OpenStack and the significant advantages it gives our customers.   We will also be announcing our participation in the OpenStack Foundation and some really great initiatives we are implementing with our customers to help build the community and foster Canadian principles as the OpenStack platform continues to grow.  For more information on Canadian Web Hosting is doing with OpenStack, or to participate in our beta program, email us at



WordCamp Victoria 2013 Recap

Last Saturday, Canadian Cloud Hosting ( proudly sponsored WordCamp Victoria 2013 at the platinum level and as expected and as anticipated, we knew that our team would enjoy spending the day with a community full of WordPress enthusiasts. We even got to meet Miss 604 (one of Canada’s most famous independent bloggers) who’s known as Rebecca Bollwitt and we even had the pleasure to raffle off a signed copy of her latest book. During our session, we enjoyed sharing our one-click WordPress install feature and some of our web hosting packages. The University of Victoria was a great venue to spend time with both passionate users, eager developers and many bloggers for an entire day of learning and connecting.

Our team with WordCamp Victoria organizer, Paul Holmes

On our Facebook Page, we snapped a few pictures during the event and we also took the time to capture a round up of some of the attendees' own recaps including other relevant links below. If we missed yours, we invite you to tweet us your link at @cawebhosting or leave us a comment below. Overall, WordCamp Victoria was a great success and we look forward to sponsoring more community events this year.


WordCamp Victoria (@yyjWordCamp) 2013 recaps #WCV13

On Saturday, January 12th, 2013 from 8 am to 5 pm at the University of Victoria campus, Canadian Cloud Hosting ( was the proud platinum sponsor of WordCamp Victoria 2013. If you'd like us to add your recaps or relevant content, please tweet us at @cawebhosting.

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