Google’s RankBrain

Google Rankbrain
Google’s senior research scientist, Greg Corrado, sat down for a video interview with Bloomberg on October 26th regarding Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) machine. In this interview, Greg explained that Google formally passed over a great percentage of its worldwide search questions to be managed by this AI machine a few months ago. This mechanism has the capability to study and adjust to the continuously developing way that people search. The purpose of this AI machine is to enhance the way Google achieves diverse search queries with the goal of returning the best search results p...

Google AdWords Knows Your Location!

          A location-based ad customizer has been recently introduced to its audience by the Google AdWords staff. These ads consistently change, depending on where users are searching for your business. If you are a local business, or if you are marketing for a local business, this is a tool that may come in handy. Below is a list of suggestions from Google that will help you maximize the use of the new geographic ad customizer: Share your most up-to-date inventory, store hours and location so customers can quickly take action in the moment ...

Instagram adds its own advertising platform!

Instagram ads
              A handful of days after the second largest social media platform announced their 400 million-user milestone, they opened up their advertising platform to all advertisers as of September 30th. It was previously only available to a select number of major brands, but now Instagram’s self-service ads will be available in over 30 countries to large and small businesses. Their ad platform will be similar to Facebook’s in the way where it will allow the advertiser to target specific posts that interest the user. Instagram is...

Take the Perfect Instagram Photo

  Businesses are often turning to social media platforms to engage their current audience in the hopes of gaining and reaching new individuals while they come up with new ideas and products. It has been five years since Instagram officially launched, and it continues to grow every day, providing a seamless browsing experience. In order for businesses to gain traction on Instagram, they must first get to know the platform  as well as it's users. Below we have included some tips on how to create and/or take the perfect Instagram photo. VSCO Cam (photo-editing) VSCO, also known as ...

LinkedIn Reaches 1 Million Publishers!

LinkedIn, a publishing platform used for professionals recently announced that 1 million professionals have advertised a post on their profile. LinkedIn states that with over 1 million users, there are more than 130,000 posts a week. 45% of this network consists of readers that are in the upper rank: CEOs, VPs, and managers, to name a few. The industries that are most in demand are tech, financial services, and high education. About 21 industries and 9 countries are reached with the average post. If you are looking to focus on any type of business professional or work, then LinkedIn is some...