WordPress is one of the many great candidates to help you create a business site, and boasts a powerful management system that rivals even the best business choices. Easily the most preferred option, WordPress has so many upsides it’s hard to see why you would choose something else.

Here are just some of the advantages of choosing WordPress.

1. Versatility

WordPress is an interactive tool that allows any business owner to have their blog and website all in one place. It provides an easy way for anyone to build a plethora of things while providing a home base that can access everything in a matter of seconds. It offers themes that let you design the website in no time, and there is a massive selection of WordPress themes out there.

2. Easy to use

This site-creating tool is extremely easy to use and requires no prior training to use. With an interactive system and simplistic design, WordPress offers so much to newcomers and experts alike.

3. Media Support

One of the most essential elements to websites and blogs are visuals. Gifs, videos, images, and even slideshows are supported on the open source website creator.

4. Community

Nothing is better than receiving help and support from the community. WordPress continues to grow to this day, and so does its community of experts and enthusiasts. Although it is relatively easy to operate, it’s always nice to know that you have support if you ever run into a problem.

5. Plugins

Perhaps the most beneficial feature are the plugins, which are free to use and very helpful whenever you’re creating a website. There are tens of thousands of plugins that can help add functionality to your site. Business-wise, this means you don’t have to hire a coder to create these plugins, and even if you do, you won’t be starting from scratch. It’s effective and resourceful for anyone looking to create a website.