As the owner and founder of Unicycle Creative, an advertising and marketing consultancy focused on sustainability, Lorne Craig helps brands tell stories with an aim to create positive change and business results.

Lorne started in the advertising agency world working his way up to being a creative director and partner. In 2007, Lorne struck out on his own in search of a better work/life balance and Unicycle Creative was born. Having his own consultancy has given him the opportunity to work on a wide range of branding projects. “On any given day I can be creating a logo, editing an explainer video, designing a website or inking a cartoon project. It’s always inspiring!” shares Lorne.

With a focus on sustainability, he has built an impressive portfolio of clients across a wide range of industries. “Working with clients I always start with the business objectives, target markets and key messages. Sometimes that is provided, other times, it’s part of a discovery process I help facilitate. From there it’s a set of creative options and layers of refinement to get to the finished product.”

Helping businesses pivot

With the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lorne has worked on a number of COVID-specific messaging campaigns to encourage mask wearing and tips on how to stay healthy. He also helped companies pivot their brands to adapt to the current environment.

Vancouver Foodie Tours, approached him to help brand their new Granville Island Delivery service which allows people to order their favourite goods from Granville Island merchants. “Helping out some of my favourite Granville Island businesses has been very satisfying,” Lorne shares.

The See You In Whistler crowdfunding campaign

But these aren’t the only projects that Lorne has taken on during the pandemic: “I’m a big-time skier and Whistler fan. When COVID-19 shut the season down, I realized the whole town was going to suffer, and I wanted to do something to help out. I contacted Whistler Community Services, who runs a lot of great programs up there (like the food bank, reuse-it centre, and others) and they were very open to a creative fundraising idea.”

Lorne put his skills to work and created the See You In Whistler jigsaw puzzle full of his cartoon illustrations.  With over 200 wacky characters to find surrounded by iconic landmarks, it shows off everything that makes Whistler so great.

“The popularity of jigsaw puzzles during the pandemic made it a natural fit. It just took off from there.” It’s not too late for you to snag a copy of this puzzle. His Indigogo campaign featuring the puzzle runs until August 29 so be sure to support this amazing initiative.

A local web hosting partner

With sustainability being at the forefront of his creative work, it was only natural for Lorne to find a web host that supported this viewpoint. “Because I am focused on sustainability, I wanted a local hosting solution. I believe in buying Canadian and supporting local jobs and our economy.”

Lorne has been a happy customer of CWH since November 2006 on a shared hosting plan and is particularly appreciative of our support team. “Because I run my own business, I am also the tech support team in my office! On those inevitable occasions where challenges arise, the CWH team has been very responsive and supportive, helping me (and my clients who host with CWH) stay up and running.”

Advice for the next generation

Being a business owner is no easy task and Lorne has plenty of knowledge to share. “Always keep your ears open. The strategic solutions are often right there in what your clients and network are telling you. If you’re focusing on creative, be yourself, trust your instincts and have fun! And don’t let technology be a distraction. The best ideas are often the simplest.”

And finally, he wants everyone to “Think local. Canada is full of great talent, companies and products.”

Check out more of Lorne’s work at Unicycle Creative and follow him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Don’t forget to support his Indigogo campaign!