While Christmas remains a timeworn tradition from the past, technology is advancing into the future at the speed of light. Tons of new tech came out in 2017 to assist with everything from productivity to creativity to recreational activity. We’ve rounded up the top tech gifts and electronic gadgets Canadian Web Hosting employees are hoping to find under their tree this year.


Top Tech Gifts Powerup Dart


Powerup Dart

Kevin Liang, Chief Technology Officer

“It’s for my kid to experiment with paper airplanes; He makes a lot of them at school. This will bring his paper airplane making skills to the next level! The Powerup Dart is controlled externally through a mobile app and it can do some wicked tricks. It works with regular paper airplanes too.”




Google Home System

Hadir El-Maghraby, Human Resources and Operations

“It has many cool features that are useful, such as turning on/off music, lights, and the entertainment system from anywhere at home. I love that it is voice control so I can multitask and I don’t have to stop what I am doing to change the song—super convenient!”




Top Tech Gifts - Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

Adelina Wong, Marketing Lead 

“Three words: Super Mario Odyssey. As a long time fan of all Mario games, the trailer for this new game has me wishing for the Nintendo Switch this holiday season. I like the portability of the system and being able to play at home or on the go is great. The other games coming out on the system look amazing as well (Zelda anyone?). Plus, who wouldn’t want a magic hat like Mario’s?”



Google Pixel 2

Karolina Kapusta, Social Media and Marketing Coordinator

“I’m a sucker for hype so I really want the Google Pixel 2 cell phone! Besides its sleek look, I really want it for its acclaimed “best smartphone camera in the world.” Dynamic high-quality shots with depth of field and brilliant in low-light setting? Yes, please. Plus, free unlimited storage for all your photos and videos.”




Google Home Mini / Amazon Echo Dot

Josselyn Rodriguez, Customer Experience Manager (Vancouver)

“Both the Google Home Mini and Echo Dot have tons of features like a calculator, dictionary, translator, and they connect to your speakers, headphones, television, and lights. What can’t they do? Plus both are hands-free and super affordable! The bonus goes to the Google Home Mini for looking like a macaron.”



Philips Hue Bulb

Matt Czajka, Cloud Engineer

“Lighting is super important, and having the ability to set the lighting temperature in your rooms, from warm relaxing colours to cool brighter colours for alertness is great. Setting lights on a timer in the morning as a “natural” alarm is neat and saves you from blaring loud alarms. Not to mention having 24 bits of colour you can set each bulb individually, which is just all-around fun.”



Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones II

Roy Sandberg, Tier 3 Support Manager

Because it’s about the best you can get out there in the headphone world. With BOSE, like in the ad – “quiet just got quieter”  – is really true. You really need to be a sleep-deficient dad like me, before you appreciate the true meaning of “quiet.”



Microsoft Xbox One

Sebastian Blackwell, Tier 2 Support Technician

I would love to get a Xbox One for Christmas. Like everyone, I love playing games. It’s an escape from reality and gives me a sense of relaxation. Moreover, it supports motion-sensor games (I could probably use some of the exercise I might get from that—I’m too lean right now).

Bonus: I would love a Time Machine Wrist Watch. Although non-existent, this would be the top item on anyone’s list. I could travel around in time and prevent so many many things from happening! Thinking of it, I could also use it for work, in preventing issues from happening in the first place!”



PS4 Pro Playstation

Jed Munsayac, Tier 1 Support Technician

“Games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Shadow of Mordor, The Witcher, Uncharted, God of War, and The Last of Us are coming out soon—and that’s just for starters! The quality of games out there is now just being matched by the consoles we play them on. Some might say that a good story is all you need for a great gaming experience, but having a console like a PS4 Pro surely won’t hurt.”



Oneplus 5T

Vanna Ngo, Data Centre Technician

“It’s one of the fastest phones in 2017 and comes with either 6 or 8GB RAM. I just got a different phone because I couldn’t wait for the launch but if Mr. Santa Claus were to drop it under the tree then that would be nice.”



What cool tech gift are you hoping to get this Christmas?