A recent vulnerability was announced yesterday, January 3, 2018, affecting all modern processors. There are two parts to the released vulnerability, and they are as follows:

Meltdown: Allows applications to access operating system memory, providing access to secrets such as passwords. This affects modern Intel chips. There are patches available, however, they may cause a reduction in performance by up to 30%.

Spectre: Breaks the isolation between error-free applications, which allows a malicious application to read memory from another application. This affects all modern chips; Intel, AMD, and ARM.

More information about these vulnerabilities can be found here.

In the meantime, we will be monitoring and applying any relevant patches to multi-tenant environments.

For customers running their own dedicated, virtual and cloud machines, you can patch or our techs can assist by opening a service ticket.

Below are direct links to security announcements as well as any further details regarding updates and patches:





Linux distros


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