As technology continues to evolve so does the internet. As a result, we have become more dependent on it with each passing year. This can result in a messy digital life. Files that are not needed anymore, apps that aren’t used, and a desktop filled with files, can all lead to distraction and hurt your productivity.

For Clean Out Your Computer Day happening on February 14, we want to challenge you to declutter your digital life. The benefits of keeping a clean digital life include increased productivity, more focus, and better performance and longevity for your computer. Today we will focus on sharing some tips on how to declutter your digital life.

Tip 1 – Get Rid of Old and Unused Documents

The truth is we keep documents that are years old despite not using them ever again. To properly declutter your digital life, a clean-up of your files needs to be done. You can start by deleting old assignments, drafts and any other files you don’t need. If you feel overwhelmed with just how many files you have to sift through, start by sorting your documents by date. This way you are able to easily see the oldest files which are likely to be deleted.

Tip 2 – Create Folders

While you are deleting old files, it would be a good idea to create folders as you go. Organize files into correct folders. Examples include having personal and work folders. Within those folders you can have more descriptive names such as Finance or Taxes. Creating an organization system with folders is the easiest way to not only find what you are looking for, but help reduce the clutter on your computer.

Tip 3 – Use External Storages

External storage is great for storing files that take up a lot of space. This will help you keep your computer running fast. External storage also allows for more organization. For certain files you don’t access often, they can be stored and organized on external drives. This is also a healthy habit to get into as you can create backups of important work as well.

Tip 4 – Keep Your Desktop Clean

Keep your desktop clutter free. It is the first thing you see when you log onto your computer. Having a desktop full of files can be a big distraction to start your day. Moreover, when files are placed on the desktop you are likely to just keep saving more files to it and slowly it can become a big mess. Prevent feeling overwhelmed by keeping your desktop clean.

Tip 5 – Declutter Apps

Get rid of unused apps. Apps that you installed a while back and haven’t touched in a couple years do not serve a purpose anymore. Perhaps you installed an application for a project but haven’t touched it since. Remove these apps as it will help you focus on the applications you do have and not be distracted by other notifications. Applications typically take up a lot of space as well so having more storage is just an added bonus.

Tip 6 – Declutter Emails

Now finally, the part that will probably be most dreaded. Declutter your inbox. We spend a lot of time in our inboxes and for most, it is where the day starts. Keep your inbox clean to help you tackle your emails more efficiently. Responding to emails should be easy and fast, but when you have to sort through hundreds of unopened emails, it can make a simple task much more difficult. The best way to start is to unsubscribe from emails that you don’t open anymore. Spend some time to go through the unopened emails and delete ones that aren’t needed. Your future self will thank you.


Decluttering your digital life can be extremely beneficial for your productivity and mental clarity. We already live in times of information overload with new websites, apps and social media platforms. With a messy and disorganized digital life, getting work done can be overwhelming. Not to mention, your device should have better performance with more free storage.

By following these tips, you should see your digital experience and productivity improve. In a noisy world it is best to minimize it as much as possible. If you enjoyed this post share it with someone who needs to declutter digitally and check out our other blog posts here.