We attended CONNECT 2019, Canada’s Learning and Technology Conference, on April 30 – May 3, 2019 in Niagara Falls, Ontario, where over 1600 educators, administrators, and IT specialists came together to learn and share best practices in education technology.

As an exhibitor, our goal was to take a snapshot of how educators were using technology in the classroom and how administrators and IT specialists were creating and managing the infrastructure in order for educators to do so.

We asked those who came by our booth to fill out a short survey. Here are our results.


Does your organization use cloud-based services? If yes, what kind?

A majority of CONNECT 2019 attendees used cloud-based services at their organization with 88.6% responding yes. Of those, the use of Chromebooks, Google for Education and Microsoft OneDrive were the most popular services in use. Furthermore, 26% of all respondents reported using more than one type of cloud-based services.


What would be your main considerations when selecting a cloud or hosting provider?

Respondents listed privacy (67%), security (63%) and price (63%) as some of the most important considerations when selecting a provide to host their project online.


How important is it that your cloud provider has certifications and prioritizes security?

An overwhelming 71% of all CONNECT 2019 attendees stated that having a cloud provider with certifications and prioritizes security is extremely important.


How do you use technology in your role?

Attendees of CONNECT 2019 used technology in their role in a variety of ways. Educators most commonly used technology to provide assessment to students, have direct communication with parents, and, of course, to teach. Technology was taught both as a course subject like coding and as tool to enhance learning in other subjects. They accomplished this through the use of SMART boards, document cameras, computers, tablets, and phones. Administrators and IT specialists used technology to support and educate other teachers on how to incorporate more technology in their classrooms.


What daily tasks in your role can be improved by using technology?

The majority of CONNECT 2019 respondents stated that almost all of their daily tasks in their role can be further improved by using technology. For educators this means having quick access to information and being able to easily organize and share their files with students and parents.


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