Love is in the air this time of the year!

And there is no better time to give back to your community, family, and friends. It’s a time to show gratitude, spread cheer, and share the love.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget this, especially at the beginning of the year, when we are bombarded by the pressure of making sales and we see advertisements everywhere we go. That’s why this month is a great time to show customer appreciation. Without customers, your business wouldn’t be possible!

Here are six ways to show customer appreciation:

  1. Have a giveaway for newsletter subscribers.
  2. Send a handwritten thank you letter to a customer.
  3. Create a Customer Spotlight series.
  4. Offer flexible order perks.
  5. Send customers a promotion or discount.
  6. Plan a customer appreciation event.


1. Have a giveaway for newsletter subscribers.

Show appreciation to the customers who subscribe to your mailing list by holding a giveaway. You can do this in a number of ways:

  1. Hold a regular draw for new subscribers as an incentive for them to sign up
  2. Hold a regular draw for long-time subscribers to keep them engaged and increase your email open rate
  3. Hold a draw for special occasions or holidays to simply express gratitude

You can give away:

  • A small product your business sells, like a pair of sunglasses or socks
  • A free month of a subscription service your company offers, like web hosting
  • Gift cards to coffee shops like Tim Hortons or popular online stores like Amazon
  • Branded company swag like a t-shirt, stickers, or notebook


2. Send a handwritten letter to a customer.

These days the only snail mail people get are advertisements and bills. Imagine how your customer’s face will light up when they receive a handwritten card from their favourite company? The small act of a sending a personalized card can go a long way in building a relationship with your customer.

If you’re a small business, the next time you assist a customer with an important purchase, go out of your way to send them a short note afterward congratulating them or wishing them luck.

If you’re a bigger business, make the effort to send a thoughtful holiday card to your biggest clients. Try to personalize the card and have other employees sign it.


3. Create a Customer Spotlight series.

Why not use your platforms to promote your customers and their businesses for a change? Every person that buys a product or service from you has a story.

A great way to show customer appreciation is through a monthly Customer Spotlight series. All you need to do is conduct a short interview, ask the customer to send you images, and share the spotlight on your blog and social media channels.

Your customers will appreciate the exposure, and you can use the opportunity to create an interesting piece of content and build trust in prospective customers.

Speaking with your customer one-on-one might even reveal valuable feedback about your business.


4. Offer flexible order perks.

There’s nothing worse for a customer than going through the steps to purchase a product online, only to find out the shipping will cost more than the item itself. Your shipping and return policy is often what will make or break a sale. 

Think of adding these shopping benefits to orders:

  • Free shipping
  • Same-day or two-day delivery
  • In-store pickup
  • Free returns
  • Extended return policy
  • Money back guarantee
  • In-store returns
  • Freebies or samples with purchase


5. Send customers a promotion or discount.

After a customer makes a purchase on your website, why not send them a promo code to enjoy with their next purchase? Offering a “next purchase” discount is a great way to encourage customers to come back, as well as a way to thank them for their first exchange with you.

Or, you can send a promotion to long-time customers only, like a “friends and family” discount. They’ll enjoy being singled out and you’ll feel good about getting them a deal.


6. Plan a customer appreciation event.

Plan a fun event to show your customers you care. Let them get to know the faces behind your brand. Lighten the mood with complimentary food and drinks and give your customers a chance to chat with you in person and with one another.

Make sure to make the event about appreciating your customers, and not pushing sales.

If you don’t have a storefront you can choose to hold the event at your office or virtually, so that your global customers can join as well.

You can use your customer appreciation event to:

  • Launch a new product
  • Allow your customers to network and get to know one another
  • Educate customers on new industry trends and the products and services you have to support them
  • Give back and say thank you with a catered lunch and free swag


Show appreciation this holiday season.

Sometimes the best way to show a customer your appreciation is to just tell them! It doesn’t matter which elaborate method you pick. The most important part is to acknowledge their loyalty and thank them for your their commitment to your brand.

Thank you for being part of the CWH family! Let us know in the comments below or tweet @cawebhosting in case we missed any ways we can show you customer appreciation 🙂 

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash