There are many different channels when it comes to Social Media. The below is a checklist you may consider following when you feel like you’ve forgotten something, or simply when there is too much to keep track of!


Reply to incoming public communication

Social media at Canadian Web Hosting is a tool used to build lasting relationships between clients, brands, and us. This is why communication, and replying to social messages from clients is crucial and should be the first thing done in the day.

Observe and reply to brand mentions

Not every person who references your brand or product on social media will tag you in the post. That means it is essential to observe social media feeds for posts citing your brand that don’t actually tag you,so you can still engage with dialogues concerning your business.

Create conversations with brand advocates

You may have some social media followers that are more than happy to support your products within their own circle of groups. Cultivate those relationships so those followers continue to support your brand to their social networks. Even something as simple as liking their comment will show to them that you really care about the work they’re doing.

Find and engage with potential customers

Just like observing for brand and product mentions, it’s feasible to observe social media feeds for potential clients by tracing keywords that gesture purchase intent.

Research the social media industry

Social media is one of the most active businesses out there. Systems are continuously being created, exiting the scene, and time following up on/learning about industry news and best practices.

Load your social editorial calendar

Sharing content is the most important thing you can do on social media. Though engagement is also a key factor, you have to generate and post content or there will be a shortage of social media activity. You can schedule posts in advance, and line up 1 – 3 weeks of content in no time at all. Not all social media outlets require the same amount of posts:

  • Post 3 – 6 times on Twitter
  • Post 1 – 2 times on Facebook
  • Post 1 – 2 times on Google+
  • Post 1 – 3 times on Instagram
  • Post 1 time to LinkedIn

Study your products and services

Social media managers communicate with clients more than most other departments. This position entails taking the time to get to know the products so that managers can effectively educate the clients about the products, or answer any pending questions.

Monitor the competition

Every company should pay attention to the competition. Social media is a good way to get an idea of what the company is about and what their mission statement is. Look for freshly announced products, what their clients like or do not like about their products, or find distinctive marketing strategies that you can integrate to match your own campaigns.

Work on a blog post

Writing blogs for your company site can help to develop your own personal brand. You are then able to share this new article to your followers.


Engage with thought leaders

Thought leaders are the ones leading their division with up-to-date tips, tricks, strategies, and advice. It is a good idea to follow these thought leaders, and to share your thoughts and opinions so they may mention you to their large following.

Engage with marketing partners

Certain companies collaborate with other brands to create engaging events such as webinars, eBooks, and podcasts. It is always a good idea to partner with external companies in order to build the relationship.

Discuss tactics with your team

Work with your social media team to develop ideas and tactics to approach issues that arise.

Run your social media analytics

Use a social media analytics tool to figure out what has worked in the past, and what will work best in the future. This tool will give you a good idea of what content your followers enjoy, and how quickly you are replying to messages from your clients/audience.

Encourage exploring through employee advocacy

Ask for your co-workers’ support by telling them to share the content and page to their friends, and family.


Audit your strategy

Use a social media audit that can help tell you what is working and what is not. Get into the details of your metrics and response levels.

Attend local events

Part of being a social media manager is actually being social (go figure). It can be fun and productive to attend some local meet-ups to engage with other social managers in your area. The events don’t have to just be about social media either: try looking for some overall marketing or business events as well.

Break from social media

Ask for assistance from someone on your team so you do not need to be glued to your phone or computer constantly. We all need a break once in a while, so remember to take yours!

Collaborate with other departments

Ask for assistance from other departments in your business. If there is something you cannot answer, do not be afraid to call on them, as it is better to provide the client with the correct answer.


Adjust quarterly goals

Set quarterly goals for yourself so you can measure your progress and performances. If you surpass the goals set, make new ones that will challenge you more. If you did not meet your goals, go back and see how you can improve.

Assess key performance indicators

Are your goals making a difference for your company? If not, try to tweak the goals a bit to ensure you are following your company’s objectives and mission statement.

Gauge team capacity and needs

Were you able to stay on top of things? If not, remember to delegate some of the tasks to your colleagues so you are not spreading yourself too thin!

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