1. Use Keywords

Keywords are a helpful way for customers to remember you and your business. For example, if you are a grocery store business, consider something along the lines of freshgroceries.com.

2. Make it Short

If your domain is long and easily forgettable, customers will not take the time to memorize it! Numbers and hyphens are a no-no as well, unless it’s catchy and works well with the rest of your domain name (and even then it’s a huge risk!).

3. Brand-able

Although you may be selling one product, you never know when you’ll be adding new ones to your business. By picking a domain name that will stick with you no matter what services you provide, your business has the opportunity  to grow into the brand you visualize it to be.

4. The Right Price

Typically, domain names vary from around $10-$20. If you decide to use a less common extension, companies could charge up to $200 just for one domain extension. Domain extensions like “.tv”, “.info” or “.to” are all more expensive than the more commonly used “.com”.

5. Use “.com”

The most utilized domain extension is “.com”, so naturally businesses should lean towards it. However, there are some exceptions. For example, if you are targeting people in Canada, “.ca” would work better.

6. Buy Several Domain Extensions

From time to time, people will mistype your domain name, which could potentially lead them to a competitor’s website instead of yours. To prevent that, you could purchase more than one domain extension, or even take misspelled versions of your original domain name.

7. Do Not Use a Similar Domain to a Competitor

If a competitor already has your desired domain name, it’s best to find a better, more unique one rather than using a different domain extension or adding an “s” to the end of it.

8, Be Unique, Yet Simple

Making a domain name  that is unique and simple is no easy task, but it separates you from your competitors. Although it can be an advantage, make sure your domain name is spelled the same way it is said, or your costumers will find it difficult to track down your website.

9. Advertise Your Brand

Once you have a domain name, use social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to reach out to as many costumers as possible so that your brand continues to grow.

10. Check Brand Availability

If you are planning to brand your company across all kinds of platforms, it’s best to keep the same name. Sites like knowem.com can help make sure your name is available.

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