So you have setup a website and ready to make your first million dollars… but where do you start?  Well for one thing, very few people make that much money on the web, if any at all.

First you will need visitors to your site. Blogging is probably the most popular format to generate traffic to your site.  There isn’t anything technical in setting up a blog. Most hosting companies include script installers that will install the software for you. Checkout the Fantastico scripts pack that is offered on our Value and Pro plans.  I recommend WordPress which is what this blog uses.

Once your blog is setup, it’s time to find something to write about. It can be anything but preferably one that you know what you are talking about… review of products, your favourite celeb., politics, anything.

How do I get people to come to my site?

Having a website does not mean Google will automatically include you in their search results.  It doesn’t mean that you will instantly get 10,000 hits a day.  You will be surprised how many people have these kind of expectations once they sign up for a hosting account.  I get calls on a regular basis, “My site doesn’t work cause I can’t find my site on google and no one seems to be going to my site. Please fix the problem!” It will then follow an introduction to SEO(search engine optimization) and how one would become visible on search engines.

If your site does not show on search engines, it’s not your web hosts fault.  Your host can’t control what the search engines do and they certainly can’t make your site appear on the Number 1 spot of a search result like “watches”

It takes time for your site to be indexed. The best way to let the search engines find you is to get other people to link to your site.  I won’t go into it here since this is a huge subject and will take 300+ pages to explain…

Now that I have traffic, where do I find sponsors?

There are a lot of affiliate programs you can join but find something that is relevant to what your site is about.  If your site is about hosting, we have an affiliate program for you to use.

Google adsense is another program you can use. It displays ads that is based on the content of your pages.

For bloggers, Review Me is good way to generate cash.  You get paid for reviewing and writing about other sites.  It is also a good place if you want to buy reviews from other bloggers to boost your site ranking.

If you are really stuck on where to find sponsors, visit other sites… check out what they are using and signup to those. If you find that the affiliate is not productive, replace it.

Once your site becomes more popular, you can sell text links on your site or signup to Text Link Ads where they will handle everything for you.

For a site to be successful, you must spend time on it. Do some PR,  keep it fresh with new content, and most importantly, don’t give up too easily… the end of the tunnel maybe just around the next corner!


Kevin Liang
CTO / SEO Guru
Canadian Web Hosting