www.grandcentral.com – I registered for the beta a few months back and finally got my invite! Even though Grand Central only offered phone numbers in the US, I was still able to register for a beta account with a 310 area code. Setting up was simple and straight forward. I was up and running in about 10 minutes( took me 8 minutes to browse through the numbers and decide on one 😛 )

I had a blast testing and trying out all the features. The one thing got me laughing was the “This number is not in service” message for anyone you no longer want to deal with. I can think of so many people I wish I can do that to on my own cell number.. it really is one number for life heh.

Some of the features I like:

– Screen calls. Its like having your own personal secretary. When you pickup a call, it is announced first by GC and you can choose to either accept the call, send them to voice mail, or send them to voice mail and listen in. In the latter, you can pick up and barge in if it turns out to be an important call. There is also a “Phone Spam” filter which will send possible spam calls straight to voice mail or block them completely and play the “Number not in Service” message!

– Ability to swap phones during a live call. No more “Let me switch phones, I’ll call you back.” You can do that while you are on the phone and they wouldn’t even know it.

– Web call button. You can place this on your website such as Ebay auction page and it will allow your customers to call you without give them your phone number. Here is how it works. Once your customers click the button, they will be able to enter their number. GC will call them then it will call you.

There are so many features and new ideas with this service. Like gmail, you know its going to be a great. I had so much fun using Grand Central and it works!

Kevin Liang
CTO / SEO Guru
Canadian Web Hosting