Avoid Spamming

While it’s important to keep your customers interested, no one likes spam. If you’re sending more than 2-3 emails per week, chances are people are getting fed up with the large amounts of mail in their mailbox. This could lead to potential customers unsubscribing and losing interest in your business. Typically, one email per week will suffice as it gives enough content to keep your customer interested without feeling like you are shoving advertisements in their faces. Other businesses opt for 2 emails per month, which can also work, depending on your circumstance. It ultimately falls on your audience and how they react to the amount of mail they receive.

Email Marketing Consistency

To ensure that customers will continue reading your content, be sure to send out mail at the same time of the day. For instance, if you send out mail at 12:30 every week on Wednesday, it’s important to constantly send emails at 12:30 every Wednesday, no matter how busy you are on the given day. Something to keep in mind are holidays, and when they fall. Bear in mind that many customers may ignore emails that do not interest them, such as mail about office supplies and other business-related services while they are enjoying their time off work. However, if your business provides things like toys, apparel or electronics, you may see a rise in interest through email. At this point, it may be smart to add some coupons in your emails, so that customers will have more incentive to check out your newsletters, advertisements, etc.

Keeping It Mobile Friendly

In the past, most emails were read at work or at home. These days, people read emails during their commute to work or coffee breaks. Simply put, people want to be able to read emails on the go. In fact, the first thing people do when they wake up or have free time is go on their phones.  By crafting your emails for mobile use, you bolster your chances of someone reading your weekly newsletter, announcement etc.

Providing Value

Sometimes, it’s better not to send an email at all. If you lack the content or value in your emails, perhaps do some more research or find other knowledgeable experts to help educate you on the content you are providing. If not, reuse some older but relevant content people may have missed before and wait till you have the sufficient amount of resources to provide your customers with rich news.

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