YouTube is looking to adapt to the emerging dominance of mobile consumption on their platform, making it easier for advertisers to reach out to their audience and provide more relevant ads. Here are some ways they are planning to do this.

Upgraded Statistics

YouTube is creating a new measurement solution over the course of 2017 in order to give advertisers more precise information on how their campaigns are working across all devices. This gives businesses the opportunity to view their campaign results across all devices against their focus target group, giving them a better idea of where the majority of their demographic is coming from.

Reaching the Viewers

At the end of the day, advertisers want to get to their audience. YouTube is giving them a way to deliver their content in more relevant ways, and through a larger scope. Now, a viewer’s Google account could potentially influence the ads they see on YouTube. There are a plethora of ways this can happen; Google can take your demographic, previous search results and even your subscriptions into account when producing the ads that fit both you and the advertiser.

Power to the Viewers

With an upgraded arsenal for advertisers to work with, Google remains adamant on giving users their freedom. Users will continue to choose the ads they see on YouTube with the My Account options. Google has also promised to implement cross-screening muting of ads. This means that you can mute an ad on a Google search, where the advertisement will also be muted on YouTube.

What Can We Expect?

Without a doubt, mobile usage is on the rise, and Google understands this. Throughout the year, we can expect more changes to the mobile experience that provides both advertisers and users alike.