Twitter is a popular service in today’s society, with a wide range of people using the platform for advertising, news, and discussion. As big as Twitter is, there’s one thing that still trips so many people up – and surprisingly, Twitter hasn’t done much to make it clearer because it’s so simple. Let’s take a look below:

@cawebhosting is so cool!

This looks like a perfectly good tweet, right? The only problem is that this tweet will only reach followers who follow both you and Canadian Web Hosting. Imagine you have a million followers, and only 100,000 of them follow Canadian Web Hosting. Your tweet would only reach 10% of your following with this Tweet. Why is this?

Any time you or anyone else decides to use “@” at the beginning of a tweet, it immediately precludes anyone not following the sender and receiver.

So how do we fix this? There are two simple ways to do this. The first is to add punctuation in front of your tweet.

.@cawebhosting is so cool!

Notice the period in front of the tweet? You may have seen this one time or another during your experience on the platform. This is because adding the period before using “@” negates the problem above, and includes everyone’s followers.

The second method is even simpler; just begin the sentence with anything other than “@”.

I think @cawebhosting is so cool!

There you go, and now you know! 🙂