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What To Expect and Do at the Bunker Project Podcasting Event

Do you follow any podcasts? Have you ever heard of the Bunker Project Podcast? In short, here is what it's all about:

The Bunker Project is a Social Media Meetup in Vancouver, BC. Every second Wednesday, Andrew McGivern and Bob Garlick host the Meetup and record two podcast episodes at the Bunker Bar under the historic Barclay Hotel on Robson Street.

We thought it was an original ideal, doing a Meetup in a bar and recording a podcast so people who couldn’t make the Meetup or those who don’t live in Vancouver can listen take part in the show.

If you're not familiar with podcasting, the Wikipedia definition states that "a podcast is a type of digital media consisting of an episodic series of files (either audio or video) subscribed to and downloaded through web syndication. The word is a neologism derived from "broadcast" and "pod" from the success of the iPod, as podcasts are often listened to on portable media players." Whether you're new to podcasting or already familiar with it, the Bunker Project is worth checking out for the the experience and also the fun connections that you will make.

What Should You Expect?
You'll arrive at the Barclay Hotel on Robson Street and you'll most likely find a few folks gathered around the bar socializing first. Or at least, that was the case during the last Social Media Club Pub Night last month. If you plan on participating but are nervous, you might want to grab a cold one to calm your nerves down a bit. You'll then move your way towards the back of the room behind thick, white curtains. The back room will be set up with long tables around in a V-shape with the two main leaders (Andrew & Bob) in the corner. Around the long tables, you'll find several chairs and a few tables tucked in the corners and along the wall. There were also several microphones set up around the room for the participants. When Social Media Club attended, they had their record attendance around 25-30 people or so. The little back room was packed, so you should expect a few less people in general.

What Should You Do?
Before attending, you might want to connect with them and try to figure out what the topics will be but typically, the topics will be surrounding social media, internet marketing, new media and podcasting. If you're more on the shy side, you can sit back and simply listen in while they record the podcasting exchanging ideas and thoughts back and forth between themselves and the attendees. On the other hand, if you feel like you have something to say or add to a certain thought, this is your chance to express yourself and exchange your ideas not only to the people in the room but far wide into the online space as each podcast gets broadcasted shortly after they are recorded. Overall, relax and enjoy the show too!

In conclusion, you should definitely check out The Bunker Project if you're looking for interesting conversations surrounding social media in a very casual, welcoming atmosphere with various folks from different industries and you live around the Vancouver area. You can check out more information and listen to the latest podcast when Social Media Club Vancouver teamed up with them. If you aren't around our area, you can always follow them on Twitter as well. Andrew McGivern is over at @podcasthero and Bob Garlick is over at @BobGarlick.

Kevin Liang
CTO / SEO Guru


Social Media Club Vancouver (@SMCYVR) Pub Night Recap

Last Wednesday evening, I attended the Social Media Club Vancouver Pub Night event, a casual and informal mixer with other local social media enthusiasts from all different industries including software development, business consulting, real estate, internet services (web hosting!), social gaming, health services, graphic design and more. About 20 people showed up and we were able to enjoy great and engaging conversations surrounding anything social media including events nearby, Foursquare, Twitter best practices and of course, we all tweeted live using the hashtag #SMCYVRPub that night.

The event itself was hosted at the New Oxford Pub in Yaletown. A casual, yet chic pub where they serve you one pound of wings for only $4 on Wednesdays - what a deal! They even thanked some of the attendees by tweeting us live during the event.

You can follow both organizations respectively at @SMCYVR and @DonnellyPubs. If you are interested in finding out who runs Social Media Club Vancouver behind the scene, you can get familiar with some friendly faces on their about section. In attendance that night, I had the chance to meet the following leaders: Kemp Edmonds (President), Cathy Browne (Advisor), Stephanie Michelle Scott (Chat Enginneer), Yuri Artibise (Blog Boss) and Gus Fosarolli (Advisor) whom left before I had the chance to say hi to. Stephanie mentioned that if you’re interested in being involved with this club, you can expect an event to happen every third Wednesday of the month.

If you are at all interested in social media and you live around Vancouver, you definitely should check out the upcoming events. It's fun and the people are great. Once again, we emphasize community and this is definitely a community that you should get involved with.

Kevin Liang
CTO / SEO Guru


Social Media Week Vancouver 2011 Wrap-Up

In one word, I can describe last week: WOW! If you're looking for a vibrant social media community, it's quite noticeable that anyone who was or is participating in the Social Media Week Vancouver online (and offline) conversations are extremely driven and passionate individuals to surround yourselves with. #SMWVAN is still buzzing even to this day and it's well over a few days after the event.

Last week, on the week of September 19th, Vancouver was lucky enough to be among the 12 different cities in the world to host such a great free week-long conference. Did we mention free? The quality and quantity of the content that came out of this conference was amazing, not to mention the quality of the people in attendance mostly locals but also, from other regions of the Pacific Northwest, as far as the Netherlands.

Many attendees have written their recaps such as Socialized with a very thorough summary along with upcoming events or the extremely enthusiastic TLC Raves listing many Twitter handles, thanking the speakers showing an enormous amount of appreciation and I feel the same way! Talk about someone who’s well connected within the Vancouver community – Teri (@TLCHOME) was engaging with her tweets and her blog post shows how passionate she was; while I haven't met her in real life yet except for Twitter, I already know that she is passionate! Check it out and you’ll see what I mean. At the bottom of this post, I plan on aggregating all of the posts related to this event as I find them on the Twitterverse. There are so many that it can be challenging to keep up! Why not be a "one-stop shop"?

Unlike other lucky attendees, I was only able to be present from Wednesday on. However, I was still able to attend all of the following sessions: Leading Women in Social Media Mash-up, Bridging Social Media Silos in the Enterprise, Mobile and App Summit, Social Media Club Vancouver BBQ, The Enterprise 2.0 Summit and finally, the Social Media and Health Promotion – Mashup.

My last post was surrounding community during Startup Day and I find that this theme continues to pop up throughout the day here at the office, so I might as well continue the conversation surrounding such a vibrant and exciting topic. Community is at the heart of everything.

Sharing your stories and serve with intent
At the Leading Women Mash-up, anyone in attendance would have been able to tell you how supportive everyone was. The panel themselves were sharing their stories, even via video conferencing, and we, as a group, were privileged to hear their social media journey from how they got started to where they are today – role models to the community, to say the least. The majority of the folks that I conversed with included students, other business and media professionals in all sorts of industries and some small business owners. During the Q&A, everyone was able to chime in and share their stories on how Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media platforms have helped each of them in their lives or careers. It definitely has changed lives and I can agree with everyone when it comes to that very point. There seemed to be a consensus that by sharing what you knew, you could help the ones around you strive for a better understanding in social media but also, helped them get closer to their own goals by sharing interactive content or having meaningful online exchanges. It’s about helping one another without keeping tabs.

The panel included Suzanne and Madeleine from Lunapads (@Lunapads), Janice Tomich (@JaniceTomich) of Calculated Presentations, Teri Conrad of Socialized, Jen Schaeffers (@jenu2) of CKNWOrphans Fund, and Meena Sandhu (@meenasandhu) from ING Direct (@OrangeYVR) was moderating.

Building relationships online is as important as building them offline

During the Social Media Club “BBQ” (since it was raining, the BBQ was moved in an indoor venue which was best for everyone), I had the opportunity to spend time with other social media professionals and there was nothing like getting to know one another on a more personal level. Remember? It’s social. Along with other folks including top influencer Roch Courcy (@roch) and Shehani Kay (@ShehaniKay), I even got interviewed by the Social Media Club Vancouver itself, to be posted later on the site. The question was, “What does social media mean to you?” Our responses varied but the common factor is that we each used it to connect with others, to find information, and to share interesting content that we thought our audience might feel compelled to connect with to name a few. In the end, it was about being a part of this social media community and we all agreed that it was fun! I even had the opportunity to meet with Kemp Edmonds (@kempedmonds) from Hootsuite which is located right here in Vancouver and if you’re looking for a community, you should definitely check them out – they definily have a huge following!

Passionate communities grow organically
One of the most passionate mash-ups was held over at one of our clients, Hello Cool World where they share stories about some of their recent campaigns and how they were able to get the community to participate and be an active voice during the process. As a company, we’re looking to build our community one customer at a time and we definitely use social media to connect with them like we did during Social Media Week with the rest of the attendees. #SMWVan was buzzing and I’m happy that I was able to add to the conversation.

What a fantastic conference! Now, that’s worth tweeting about.

What theme did you pick up? Or, what did you learn? Please share your comments and feedback with us and especially your own recaps, so that we can include them down here.

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Kevin Liang
CTO / SEO Guru