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Google Offers Free GPS Nav System for Smart Phones

On Wednesday, Google revealed its latest GPS nav system for the Google Android smart phone that will be available in the next 2.0 mobile operating system.  It will first debut on the Verizon network next week and will be supported on other carriers.  It will definitely be a cause for concern for the market leaders, Garmin and TomTom which cost upwards of $100 for similar apps on the iPhone.  GPS app vendors will need to cut their prices drastically, offer ad-supported free versions or trot out amazing new features to warrant their high costs.  The free Google nav system is not a half-baked version either.  As this demo video illustrates, the nav program is a useful tool that deftly blends Google's map and street views with traffic information and voice commands.  Google said it would also like to support the iPhone with Maps Navigation but it would depend on Apple who recently rejected Google Voice app (most assumed it would cut into the phone carriers profits). But the one major disadvantage is that you always need to be connected to the internet. That might cost a lot on data roaming charges especially if you were to use this in USA. The ones such as Navigon, IGO and TomTom for the iPhone all have the maps loaded on the phone so you don't need a 3G internet connection. It might be cheaper in the long run than Google's free GPS system. I have an iPhone and I use IGO and Navigon and it's as good or even better than my in-car GPS system.


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