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Google Glass in VanCity – Presented by Canadian Web Hosting

Over the past couple of weeks, Canadian Web Hosting went around Downtown Vancouver to get the locals to try on our Google Glass. It was a fun adventure where we filmed Vancouverites reactions to the Glass, everyone we met was very eager to test this new technology.


We asked our interviewee’s to take a picture, record a video and some other fun stuff…

Google Glass is an amazing yet fun technology that is opening many doors within multiple industries. We could be more excited for wearable technology, we can’t wait for when Google Glass is 100% ready for the public market.





Canadian Web Hosting, Data Sovereignty, The NSA and You

There has been a lot of discussions around the Patriot Act, NSA surveillance, cloud computing and whether companies are looking more broadly at moving their cloud computing business to locations countries like Canada where privacy rules supreme.  So much so that many leading blogs and tech writers have been discussing a recent survey run by a large Canadian Hosting and Data Center provider who ran a survey with 300 companies that have 250 employees or less. 


As Thomas Claburn from Information Week noted, some qualifications on the survey are needed as the survey doesn't cover 25% of all businesses.  It describes findings from a 10-minute survey of 300 small companies -- 250 employees or less -- based in the UK and Canada.  When the company sample is confined to Canadian companies, one third say they plan to move existing data out of datacenters located in the United States and while evidence of the “exodus” isn't always visible leading companies like Canadian Web Hosting are seeing this change in real time.


Matt McKinney, Managing Director of Canadian Web Hosting, a leading cloud and web hosting provider based in British Columbia, Canada, said in a phone interview with Information Week that privacy is particularly important to Canadians, noting that the country has been aggressive in dealing with consumer privacy through its regulatory agencies and laws on how data is handled.  It was just a short time ago where (2009) where Facebook’s privacy policy drew big criticism and it was Canadian privacy and government agencies who led the charge to ensure consumers were protected. 


McKinney said as a 100% Canadian-owned and –operated web hosting business our customers have always asked where Canadian Web Hosting’s servers were housed to ensure they met Canadian privacy and data rules, but with the recent NSA revelations last year the requests took on greater importance with increased requests from outside of Canada.  "Many companies who were previously afraid of Canada’s privacy rules and slightly higher prices from a few years ago are now looking to benefit from Canada’s unique regulatory environment and maintain control of their data.  Now days, pricing with Canadian Web Hosting is comparable and at times more cost efficient when compared to their US counterparts.  When discussing new deployments or ongoing infrastructure needs, McKinney said they see as many as eight out of 10 questions from customers relating to governance, compliance, and data storage."


(It has been noted that US companies do have the option to resist, but may be forbidden under the Patriot Act from disclosing demands for information or legal filings in opposition of said demands. The extent to which the US judicial branch sees a legal basis for opposing demands for access made under the mantle of national security is another matter.)


Information Week noted that the survey finds that despite rising mistrust, the US does continue to be the most popular place for companies to host data (51%) outside of their home countries but the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation projected in late 2013 that cloud providers in the US would eventually lose 20% of the market to foreign competitors.  This equates to roughly $35 billion annually by the year 2016. 


To learn more about Canadian Web Hosting, compliance initiatives and capabilities around data protection you can email their sales team at or call 1.888.821.7888





Matt McKinney


Canadian Web Hosting Expands Cloud Shared Hosting in Canada with New Shared Cloud Hosting With VMware

Leading Canadian Web Hosting Provider Canadian Web Hosting Expands Their Shared Cloud Hosting Services and Announces Launch of All Canadian Premium Cloud Shared Hosting Plans Built On VMware

Vancouver, British Columbia, January 8, 2013

Canadian Web Hosting, the leading provider of web hosting and infrastructure services in Canada, today announced the extension of its Shared Cloud Web Hosting services by launching new Linux- and Windows-based Cloud Shared Hosting services that give shared hosting customers improved reliability, industry leading virtualization and capabilities of more expensive cloud-based solutions without the cost and challenges of managing their own virtual server.

In combination with their SSAE 16 Type II (formerly SAS70) certifications, Canadian Web Hosting's Cloud Shared Hosting solutions address the needs of small businesses and web hosting users who have high uptime requirements, want the benefits that cloud virtualization can provide, but want the ease of a shared hosting environment including use of cPanel or Plesk control panels. With Shared Cloud Hosting, Canadian Web Hosting becomes the first Canadian web host to offer shared hosting built on top of VMware giving its customers a unique advantage. Starting as low as $12.00 per month, Canadian companies of all sizes can now leverage on-demand cloud shared hosting, automatic failover, resource distribution and the reassurance that their sites will remain online avoiding many common issues associated with Shared Hosting.

Unlike traditional shared hosting plans that are built on top of a single dedicated server, Shared Cloud Hosting uses clusters of enterprise-grade Dell Servers that utilize hardware-based SANs for maximum performance. When combined with enterprise-grade VMware virtualization, customers have the protection of redundant hardware failover, the simplicity of shared hosting, and can be assured that all customer data will remain in Canada. Each Shared Cloud Hosting plan, current and new clients, will get highly redundant dedicated server and networking components that yield a higher-level of performance and availability for their critical infrastructure, automated backup services, easy 1-click application installations and immediate access to the control panel of their choice. This is something that is not always possible in typical Public Clouds today especially for shared hosting."

"Whether it is Linux or Windows, our Cloud Shared Hosting plans are a game changer for Canadian customers and businesses. Traditionally, if you wanted the benefits of virtualization, you had to look at a virtual server or service offering that required technical resources to manage that server. More importantly, many of those same services are located in a country that doesn’t allow customers to meet their privacy requirements with their cloud-based data,” said Matt McKinney, Director at Canadian Web Hosting. “Unlike some of our competitors who use third party resources, our Cloud Shared Hosting plans were built from the ground up using proven Six Sigma methodologies that incorporate the voice of our customer. We recognize that security and geography are just as important as the technology. Our plans are tailored specifically for customers looking for the simplicity of a shared hosting environment, and want to utilize the benefits of a cloud environment where features like automatic failover and geographic control are included. We’ve recognized from day one that not every customer has the resources to invest in expensive hardware or complicated load-balanced, multi-server configurations. We want to make the benefits of the cloud available to everyone and lower the short- and long-term costs to get access to enterprise-grade cloud hosting services.”

Canadian Web Hosting's certified support teams can help manage the servers 24/7 and every server that includes cPanel or Plesk with regular backup snapshots to help keep data protected and scalability with unlimited email and storage. In addition, customers get the ability to one-click install many leading applications like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, MySQL and many more.

For more information, visit them at, or get the latest news by following them on Twitter at @cawebhosting and on Facebook. This information can also be found on their press room or you may also view other related media content on their Pinterest page.

Kevin Liang
CTO / SEO Guru


Canadian Web Hosting Holiday Promotion: 20% off Your Next VPS

The holiday season is upon us and while you're thinking about your holiday shopping, we're here to add to your holiday spirit by sharing a great deal with you. Canadian Web Hosting is proud to announce that for a very limited time, every new Virtual Private Server (VPS) comes with an exclusive 20% discount and delivers the best of the cloud at a small business price. You get immediate access to enterprise-grade virtual environments that support any small or large web hosting requirement that you have. You can create Windows or Linux servers, utilize Rapid Deployment services, meet stringent compliance and security requirements, get root access and so much more. With Canadian Web Hosting’s proven expertise and partner certifications with Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix Xenserver and VMware, you now get get the uptime you need without the cost.

Below are some additional benefits that you will receive:

• 50 to 70% savings when compared to other cloud solutions
• Robust security with a hypervisor layer that insulates your environment
• Industry best Dell hardware with the fastest servers available
• Enterprise grade firewalls that delivers fully managed protection
• 24/7 server monitoring and support
• Greater than 99.99% uptime ensures that your site is online
• SSAE 16 Type II SOC 1 Certification
• Safe Harbor Compliant

Learn more about our Virtual Private Servers (VPS)
Read more about our Virtual Private server Capabilities

If you're looking for additional information or answers, you may email us at, call us at 1-877-871-7888, or contact us through social media on Twitter at @cawebhosting or through our Facebook Page. You may also leave us a comment below. Now, don't wait and grab your holiday VPS deal today!

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Canadian Web Hosting Launches New Cloud Division and Website and Expands CA Cloud Web Hosting Solutions to Deliver More Flexible and Affordable Canadian Cloud Services

Canadian Web Hosting launches new website and new Canadian Cloud Hosting division dedicated to making the enterprise grade cloud available to everyone with simplified tools that reduce the time and management needed to get a new application or site online, provide a high level of control and flexibility, and utilize Canadian Web Hosting’s highly redundant infrastructure.

Vancouver, British Columbia, September 12, 2012

Canadian Web Hosting, a leading online web hosting provider in Canada, announced today that it has launched its Canadian Cloud Hosting division including a new website ( that brings its innovative self-service web hosting cloud service called the CA Cloud to everyone. The CA Cloud provides comprehensive capabilities including Elastic Cloud Servers, Flexible Cloud VMs, Shared Cloud Hosting with VMware and Private Clouds that all exceed Canadian privacy laws and utilize exacting business processes to guarantee compliance with customer’s corporate governance requirements. Through the Canadian Cloud Hosting website,, customers have access to an enterprise cloud with pricing that is simple and straightforward and lets them build their server(s) in real-time including the ability to pool their resources, deploy VMs instantly, as well as adding resources like RAM, CPU, Storage and hundreds of applications and services that help streamline the setup process and get servers online within minutes.

When combined with our SSAE 16 Type II certification, CA Cloud Servers deliver an enterprise-grade cloud service that gives customers the ability to self-manage their servers through an easy-to-use control panel. Customers can benefit from the ability to easily customize their resource pools including server elasticity and hands-free auto-scaling to manage bursts in traffic or increased work load without the need for active management. With pay-as-you go billing, customers can spin up or spin down their servers based on their current needs and never pay for something they don’t need. In addition to Elastic Cloud Servers, customers have the ability to utilize preset Cloud VMs, customizable resource pools, best-in-class Shared cPanel and Plesk Cloud Hosting on VMware, as well as fully managed VPS servers built on industry leading virtualization platforms including Citrix Xen, Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware that ensure maximum flexibility for any IT or data requirements.

"In looking at viable cloud hosting options for our customers, we quickly realized that we didn’t want to limit our customers to one platform over another, but instead give them scalable, dynamic solutions that can meet the business requirements of the small local business all the way up to large-scale enterprise needs,” said Kevin Liang, CTO of Canadian Cloud Hosting. “We picked the best cloud technologies on the market and built our cloud on top of enterprise grade Dell hardware that provides unmatched reliability and performance for our customers including the ability to utilize geographically separated data centre locations in Vancouver, BC and Toronto, ON. Because of this, we are confident that our CA Cloud Servers will give our customers confidence that their data is protected in a highly secure and controlled environment with built-in redundancy so that their business-critical applications are accessible 100% of the time."

Since 1998, Canadian Web Hosting and its subsidiary Canadian Cloud Hosting have been providing on-demand hosting solutions that include Shared hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers, and IT as a Service for Canadian companies of all sizes. Through the use of innovative technologies and experienced support personnel, they continually focus on helping each customer by offering configurable solutions that are tailored to their exacting business requirements. Customers can get help by calling 1-888-821-7888 to get basic support. For more advanced technical support, customers can use email, ticketing or real time live chat support with support staff.

For more information, visit them at, or get the latest news by following them on Facebook and Twitter at @cawebhosting.

Matt McKinney
Canadian Web Hosting