These days, large companies or brands can dominate the marketplace, and small companies are left in the dust. We have this preconceived idea that because they are larger, they also have the funding and manpower to beat the more local businesses in the city. In reality, large companies have several limitations, and do not have the means to facilitate each of their several brand locations. Below are some tips on how to connect with the local market and beat companies at their own game.

As a result of owning several locations, companies are forced to compete in several different markets, each with different sets of issues and hurdles to overcome. This means that their resources are spread too thin to effectively take over a market. Local businesses who target their city or neighborhood have a significant advantage in this aspect and should keep this in mind whenever they are creating any sort of business plan.

Let’s start with local landing pages, and how they can negatively impact large companies. Local landing pages are specific to the location on a brand’s website; they are essentially every page on your site. Each page is unique to a specific location so each page should truly be useful and insightful. Multi-location companies are required to make thousands of these landing pages, and they are neither unique nor thoughtful. This is mostly because there aren’t one thousand ways to make content sound different. A local business, on the other hand, only has one location to worry about, giving them the ability to build high quality content and sources. This is especially helpful because Google’s search will rank sites lower if they find landing pages to be too similar to that of another page.

Another problem large companies face is complaints. Whenever a person complains about one branch, it affects all of them. When customers see a business, they only see the logo or brand, and not an individual store. Because of this, many companies can face scrutiny in several cities. You as a small business owner can take advantage of this in two ways. First, you can learn from their mistakes and provide solutions for their problems or setbacks. That way, a dissatisfied customer will come flocking towards you when they hear about your superior services. You should also remember that customer service is crucial in running a business, and with one location it becomes crucial to provide exceptional customer service that goes the extra mile to satisfy your clients.

Gaining support from the community is an effective way to earn respect and trust among the locals, but it can also serve as a way to connect with other businesses. If everyone tries to work together, local business will have no problem coming out on top of corporate businesses who barely have the time and resources to compete. A few other tips include keeping your name, address, phone and domain updated and to always make sure these domain names are filled with rich keywords so that your business will show up at the top of a search.