Social media is a little bit of everything; it gives you the ability to advertise, cultivate a branding culture, and interact with your customers. With all that it offers, these platforms can also hurt your brand. Careful planning and a strategic business plan to run your profiles, social media becomes more of a blessing than a curse. With that being said, nothing truly matters without timing.

Time management is essential for any task, and managing social media is no different. This means that planning ahead and making an agenda will benefit the way you execute your business plan. Here are some tips on how to use your time wisely when it comes to your social media page.

Keeping Yourself on Track

To plan your strategy, establishing an agenda or schedule is essential. How many times are you planning to post per day? Per week? What are the goals for each post? By having an answer to all these questions, you build the foundation of your scheduling. If you need assistance on any of these questions, using a social media scheduling tool might help with your problems. Make sure you’re consistent and make sure to notify your customers if there’s a change in scheduled posting.

Knowing What to Post

Not only do you have to understand when to post something, knowing what to post is also important. Just because you plan to post something three times a day doesn’t mean you should post low-quality content to meet those requirements. If you run out of ideas, here are some ideas to help you out.

1. Customer creations

2. Sneak peak on new service/product

3. Peering into backstage content

4. Live Chat/AskMeAnything

5. Contests

6. Advertisements

Using Your Data

Your data represents all of your results and helps you make your next move. With the statistics that you have, look for ways to improve and other venues to hold back. Analyze the habits of your customers, and figure out the best time to post but also what kind of content generates the most conversation. No matter how successful you are, there are always ways to do better.

Adapting Where You Can

Data is meaningless unless you do something with it. Go back and fix your mistakes, and check the data again. If nothing works, consider scrapping the idea or revamping it to better suit your needs. Remember, creating social media profiles is a process, not some certificate you can buy online. It’s not enough to just put the effort in; you have to work smart.