In several instances, business owners complain about stagnant search traffic on their site and are constantly trying to innovate strategies in order to generate better and more efficient results. Below are some useful tricks and tactics that may not provide results right away, but play significant roles a little farther down the road.

Starting a forum on your website is an effective strategy to attract a whole range of people, varying from experts to enthusiasts or even curious readers. This can help build an online community while also laying the foundations of your online audience or fan base. It can also decrease the bounce rate of your website as well as increase the time a customer spends on your website. Posting these forums on your social media pages such as Facebook or Twitter gives people a way to ask questions and get support faster and easier. This means that you should be closely monitoring your groups and pages to answer any questions customers may have. Depending on your business and target audience, Reddit does a great job reaching out to the younger age group and is often a place of discussion and analyses on issues and topics of all sorts.

Improving your blog is perhaps the easiest way to increase traffic on your website. Even the slightest changes can have a huge impact on piquing public interest. A good start would be tweaking your headlines so that it pertains to a certain group of people; if you are talking about team basketball drills, you want to make a headline that will interest coaches rather than players or spectators. Consider “A Coach’s Comprehensive Guide on How to Strengthen Zone Defense”, rather than “A Basketball Guide on Zone Defense”. This way, the audience knows who this guide is targeting, and what kind of content it is bringing. Another strategy would be to include links to your other blog posts that may be relevant or help to understand your article better. This can increase time on sites, conversion rates and most importantly, referral traffic. If a costumer reads multiple blogs, it becomes increasingly likely that they will revisit your site in the future, and even refer it to co-workers or friends and family.

Building an online blog does not have to be established alone; there are several bloggers who are doing the same thing as you are. Much like any other industry, having friends or partners is beneficial for everyone involved, especially if you are able to contribute something for one another. For example, you can link another blogger’s post in your own, and refer your audience to them. In return, your business partner can write a guest blog on your website regarding a topic that you or your fan base may not be familiar with, but is crucial in the industry. Connections have been and remains to be one of the best strategies to increase traffic on your website, no matter which field you are working in.