We have all browsed that website on a mobile phone where the text is too small, or it’s not designed to fit properly and we have to scroll horizontally. Worse yet is when something simply does not load (no Flash plug-ins).

Google recently released some resources, including a “Mobile-friendly” label in their search results that tells you which sites are mobile-optimized so you don’t have to zoom in to read that interesting article you found during your morning commute.

So if you are trying to get more traffic on your website, it is probably a smart idea to follow these tips for qualifying for the “Mobile-friendly” icon:

Qualify for the “Mobile-friendly” icon by:

mobile friendly



  1. Optimizing the size of content so that it fits the screen – no more scrolling horizontally or zooming in!
  2. Picking a text size and font that is readable without zooming
  3. Avoiding use of uncommon software (on mobile phones) – like Flash
  4. Not putting links next to each other. Make it easy to tap on one without accidentally clicking on another.

You can test and see if your site qualifies for Google’s label by using their Mobile-Friendly Test. Site owners don’t have to do anything if they pass the test, the label has already been applied to websites that meet the test requirements.

Sheila W.