Proximity: Primary Search Factor For Google Results

Last week, we talked about Google AdWord’s new ad extension that business owners can benefit from. Google has again rolled out with an update to their search ranking. This time, with changes to the search ranking factor. Put simply, proximity is now the main component in determining which business shows up in your searches based on your physical location.

What does this mean? Let’s consider the following situation. You’re late to your date and you need to buy some chocolates (because who doesn’t love chocolates). Scrambling to find a store, you whip out your phone and go straight to Google search. While it may be great to find the best chocolatier in town, it’s probably best to find a place that’s close and accessible. It is scenarios like these that the proximity factor shines. If anything, it shows that Google has given proximity the crown to rule all local searches. If you’re looking to host your website, you can find some plans here!

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