Having just returned from Hostingcon 2013 in Austin, Texas many of my colleagues have been asking me questions like “whats new?” or “what did you like?” this year.  The theme of the conference this year was “Raise Your Game,” while that term can be used loosely the real focus on the conference was about the industry paradigm that is taking place and allowing companies to change and transform how they do business in web hosting.  We met a lot of interesting folks at the conference this year and saw some interesting tools from vendors like VMUnify, Stackops, Onapp, and it is readily apparent that all of the talk about the cloud a few years ago has come to fruition and the cloud is here and thriving in the hosting community.  Interestingly, one of the things that stood out to me was people, or lack thereof.  With the continued automation of the data center with tools like Puppet and Chef, it is clear that smaller companies have increased opportunity to compete but at a price – personalized service and compliance.   And while large companies strive for personalized services, they are typically too big to really understand their customers at a level that a small boutique firm can.


As a business, Canadian Web Hosting is big enough to deliver all of the services needed by enterprises and businesses alike, but is small enough to offer hands on services through the entire customer lifecycle.   We have gone to great lengths over the last few years to automate key areas for customers that improve the overall customer experience especially in the area of server deployments.  However, from our CEO down to the rest of the company, we have actually increased our focus on personalized services and are actively looking for more opportunities to interact with new and long-time clients directly.  This could be through consultations, web hosting account updates, new services like our OpenStack powered cloud and so on.   Over the next few months, we will also be looking to further personalize our service with more continuity between our sales and support teams, improved customer loyalty programs and longevity discounts and promotions.  While some companies claim to have 24/7 support, Canadian Web Hosting delivers on that promise and goes a step further by building support services that align with our client’s needs.


From the compliance side, I can say that this is the first web hosting, or related, conference that I have attended where accounting and security firms were actively offering their services.  While price and business processes are usually the deciding factor in whether a company pursues compliance certifications, the ability to automate your services is requiring that businesses bring in additional expertise to ensure that services and corporations are able to align their needs with their clients.  Because the smaller company has access to many of the same tools as enterprises, they oftentimes find themselves in a situation where they can meet the technical requirements, but clearly don’t have the resources internally to meet any corporate governance requirements.  As a Canadian company, we are often times a step ahead of compliance due to the regulatory requirements of Canadian privacy laws.  Moreover, Canadian Web Hosting offers our customers additional validation of business and corporate governance needs by matching technically advanced offerings with outside auditing that measures our capabilities against industry recognized standards needed by many companies.


What does this all mean?  While web hosting as we know it transforms into a technically advanced and highly nimble industry, it doesn’t lessen the need for personalized and corporate business practices.  Many of our leading enterprise clients work with our team day in and day out to design and implement an array of complex hosting solutions, as well as shared hosting, VPS and cloud servers.  For more information about hosting with Canadian Web Hosting, or if you are looking for someone to work hand-in-hand with you, call us at 1.888.821.7888 or by email at sales@canadianwebhosting.com.